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Yoo Girls – Jun 27, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 20:06:46

Wie ein BETA meine Aufmerksamkeit bekommen kann!

Added: 2017-06-26

Eines ist Fakt, DU bist ein Loser! Ein BETA, der jeden Tag mehrmals über meine Profile kriecht und sich an meinen Fotos und Videos ergötzt. Immer und immer wieder schleichst du umher und hoffst, das du meine Aufmerksamkeit bekommst, in dem du mir einfach mal eine Mail schickst! Sowas wandert sofort kommentarlos in den Papierkorb! Halt die Klappe und hör auf damit!

So kommt sowas wie DU bei MIR nicht weiter! Du siehst weder gut aus, noch hast du den Schwanz dafür in der Hose, um von so was heissem wie MIR eine kostenlose Antwort zu bekommen. Träum weiter Junge! Du hast es nicht verdient! Alpha Kerle können im Gegensatz zu DIR alles mögliche mit mir machen, wenn sie mir gefallen!

Mit mir reden, mich küssen, mich anfassen und geilen Sex mit mir haben – alles, wo von sowas wie DU nur träumen kannst. Aber ich weiß, wie gerne du einmal in Kontakt mit mir treten möchtest, also pass nun gut auf.

Das ist die einmalige Chance, in der ich dir erzähle, wie dein Traum wahr werden kann, Loser!

Length: 11min.
Size: 355 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Female Domination
Language: German

MoneyPrincess Isabella

HumiliationPOV – Jun 27, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 20:02:26

Cuckold At The Foot Of Our Bed

June 26th, 2017 –
Category: Cuckold

Goddess Carissa

Hi honey, I’m glad you know where your place is, at the foot of the bed just where you belong, because that’s where you’re going to stay. I have a really hot date tonight. This guy is such a stud and he’s really hung! It’s nothing like yours! It makes me so horny just thinking about being fucked by his huge cock while you’re at the foot of our bed, my little cuckold. I love how you take care of everything for me, and I get to fuck whoever I want. I mean you don’t really have a choice, not with that little dick of yours. If you didn’t serve me and my studs you’d really have no purpose here.

So you’re going to be my little errand boy and help me prepare for my date. First I want you to make sure the sheets on the bed are clean. Then I want you to go out and buy us some condoms. And when he arrives, I want you to go get us both some drinks. That’s what cuckold losers do, they serve me and my men. You’re going to be our little servant. But don’t look at him, that might be weird, keep your head and your eyes down. You take care of all of the details and I get all of the pleasure. That’s how it works, cuck.

I can’t wait to get on all fours for him. I love being bent over by strong, hung men! He’s going to fuck me in ways you never could and you’re going to be here at the foot of our bed watching. Watching and being ready to clean up afterwards, LOL! I’m so horny just thinking about his big huge cock. You’re going to love watching him fuck me on our bed, aren’t you cuckold? I can’t wait to look at your pathetic face while you watch me get fucked by a better man.

And you know another job will be cleaning up his dirty, filled condoms. Your job will be to clean them out. And by clean them out I mean I want you to drink his load right out of the condom. Then you fold his clothes nicely and hand them to him. And then you can go ahead and wash the sheets and make sure they’re clean for me to sleep on. You’ll be sleeping by the foot of my bed where you always sleep. You know your place, don’t you cucky? You know how lucky you are that I even let you watch me get fucked by the foot of our bed.


Femme Fatale Films – Jun 27, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 19:58:31

Double Busting

Updated Today with Part 1 Of 2

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather, Lady Victoria Valente.

The errant husband is convinced he’s been sent to the two ladies by his wife for some fun times, however it soon becomes clear that his wife is more than a little angry that he’s been playing away from home. His real fate is that his balls are destined for destruction, the very seed of his betrayal and Mistress Heather and Lady Valente are well equipped to do just that.

Part 1 Duration: 7 mins 16 secs Photos: 12

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Jun 27, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 19:31:15

Pimped Out Gloryhole Whore

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Tuesday, 27th June 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Domina Alexandra Snow, Mistress Sidonia & Mistress T

Amazing Mistresses T, Sidonia and Snow are training their latex clad, supermodel tranny to become the perfect bimbo slut, so they can sell her mouth and body to earn them money. Once released from the cage, Shiraz is taught how to walk and pose in a feminise way, the ladies take lots of pictures for the ad they are going to place in a sex contact magazine.

Once she has mastered this, she is taken for some cock training, where they use dildos and big strapons to practice deepthroating and oral technique, including the F-Machine ramming a big dildo down her eager throat. When they are satisfied with Shiraz’s progress, they take her down to a local gloryhole and supervise her very first real cock, which she desperately sucks till completion, so eager to show the Mistresses that she is worthy to be in their stable.

The English Mansion

Cruel Girlfriend – Jun 27, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 19:24:38

Crybaby Cuckold Chooses My Outfit

Kaitlin Grey
25/06/2017 – 11 minutes

So I’d like your opinion on this outfit cucky. Is it short enough? Does it show enough? Will all the boys want to fuck me? Haha! Aww am I teasing you cucky? Are you sad that the only time you get to see me wearing something as hot as this is when I’m getting ready for other men?

I know it’s cruel to torment you like this but it’s so much fun for me. I love to make you help me find the sluttiest, most revealing, cock-teasing outfits for me to wear to the club. I love you to know I’m going to throw myself at all the boys, let them touch me, and grope me while you’re staying at home locked in chastity. I love you to see all the EXTRA effort I make for the guys I cheat on you with.

I get such a kick out of seeing your heartbroken cuckold face, with crybaby tears in your eyes as I leave you (and my panties) behind! You know how much I love the attention when I go out in my micro skirts and my high heels and my tiny tops and I love being a total slut! I want to send you photos of me with a whole bunch of guys all over me – with their hands inside the cute outfit you chose for me.

I love to get guys to send you video messages of me sucking on their big cocks in the bathroom – I love it when they tell you they’ve got your girlfriend and they’re going to bring her back to fuck her! I love strangers to know I cuckold my boyfriend and that you’re waiting for me at home with your cock locked away in a cage.

Best of all – I love them to know I made you pick out the outfit I’m wearing just for them – I want them to know you help me look like a total slut – all for them!

Cruel Girlfriend

The British Institution – Jun 27, 2017

The British Institution Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 19:20:53

Labyrinth. Two.

Date Added:
21-06-2017 – Length:
6 minutes

There’s a labyrinth under the Institution. Huge, cold and dark and filthy. It’s used for storing surplus kit and surplus slaves. The supports are just right to use as securing points and so here they sit on four feet of chain, if they are lucky. Out of sight and for the most part out of mind. Only visited to be fed swill and receive savage beatings.

The British Institution

American Mean Girls – Jun 27, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 19:16:18

Secret Foot Games

A CUSTOM SCRIPT: It’s payday and as head of the payroll department it my job to pass out the paychecks. I’m wearing your favorite black stilettos and it time to play out secret foot game. You know where I let you worship my feet in the conference room for a percentage of your paycheck.

I already know how much you get paid so I know you can afford it. It so messed up that the only way you can get your foot fix is by me extorting you but I don’t even care.

-Princess Adriana

American Mean Girls