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Yoo Girls – Jul 01, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 14:14:12


Added: 2017-06-30

My pony girl slave is being prepared to take me round the paddock to allow me to continue with her training. However, first she has to learn to clean my boots properly.

I have a nice whip to hand to make sure she gets that tongue of hers really licking. If not I’ll give her a good whipping to make sure she understands.

As I order her down, she seems to have a problem. I quickly let her feel the lash of the whip and it soon has good effect. We continue with the training as my pony slut vigorously licks my boots.

I have to give her some added encouragement with my whip. She must learn what it means to be under the boots of Mistress Gaia…


La mia schiava pony viene preparata a portarmi intorno al recinto in modo che io possa continuare il suo addestramento. Però prima lei deve imparare e pulire I miei stivali come si deve. Ho una bella frusta in mano per assicurarmi che usi bene la lingua. Altrimenti le darò un bel po’ di frustate per farglielo capire. Quando le ordino di andare giù, lei sembra avere qualche problema. Io le faccio assaggiare subito la mia frusta e questo ha l’effetto voluto. Continuiamo l’addestramento con la mia cagna che lecca vigorosamente I miei stivali. Devo dargli qualche incoraggiamento con la frusto, deve imparare cosa significhi stare sotto gli stivali di Mistress Gaia…

Length: 5min.
Size: 82 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Pet Play
Language: Italian

Mistress Gaia

Humiliatrix .com – Jul 01, 2017 Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 14:10:48

Goddess Vika Depletes Your Laughable Lil Cock with Her Long Legs

Jun 26 2017

“The idea that you and your little cock have a date tonight amuses me. What’s going to happen when you unzip for her? Hilarious. But what’s even funnier? By the time I’m done destroying your feeble defenses with my long sexy legs? You’re going to be depleted. I’m sending you on that date without a even tiny drop of cum…” 14 minutes

Goddess Vika, date destruction, leg worship, SPH, jerk-off commands…

HumiliationPOV – Jul 01, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 14:08:09

Bratty Porn Star Princess Ruins Your Orgasm

June 30th, 2017 –
Category: Jerk Off Instruction

Princess Alix Lynx

What a good boy you are, coming to me for your jerk off instructions. So go on, jerk it for me perv. And who could blame you for perving and jerking to me, I am so fucking hot. And I love controlling your cock, I love how you obey and jerk when I say and cum only on my command. So follow my instructions and jerk it to my hot, young body. Stare at my perfect tits as you jerk it. Good boy, I know you love obeying a hot, bratty porn star. You’re so lucky that I let you jerk off to me. I know it feels so good, that’s why you’re addicted to jerking it.

You jerk it for me, not knowing when or if I’m going to let you cum. You just love entering that jerk trance state as you mindlessly jerk it to my words and my body. Now jerk it to my perfect ass as it sways back and forth in front of you. It’s almost too much for you to handle. Stroke it knowing I’d never let you touch me. But losers like you would rather stroke than fuck, so you’re probably loving this! LOL! All I’m ever going to be to you is a fantasy. I know my words and my sweet voice are making you harder.

I know I can make you cum any second, but I’m going to make you work for this orgasm. Keep stroking your cock loser. You’re so lucky to get jerk off instructions from your bratty porn star princess. But know that you’re just one of thousands of guys who jerk off to me. I have so many addicted losers and you’re just another one of them. Now stare at my pussy that you’ll never have as you jerk it faster and faster for me.

Get yourself on the edge, I want you so close to cumming, but don’t go over the edge yet, not without my permission. Good boy. Now slow it down a bit. I’m going to count you down to an intense orgasm, and when I reach one, you better cum. Are you ready? Five, four, three, two…. now when I get to one and you start to explode, I want you to take your hand off of your cock. Cum without touching it. Ruin that orgasm for me! Let your cum spurt out all over the place, let it just leak out of your cock. You don’t deserve a nice orgasm, do you?


Femme Fatale Films – Jul 01, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 14:05:04

Pain To Cum

Updated Today with Part 1 Of 4

Featuring Lady Mephista.

The esteemed Lady Mephista makes her tantalising debut for FemmeFataleFilms with a tormented face sitting and milking scene that will blow your mind! Watch how she revels in the slave’s suffering, how seductively she encourages him to take extreme levels of pain and see how she totally destroys his orgasm!

Part 1 Duration: 5 mins 52 secs Photos: 18

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Jul 01, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 14:02:10

Fucked Edged & Denied

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Saturday, 1st July 2017 Part 3 of 3

Featuring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia is in the sit sling, now she can comfortably use her male slave’s tongue and cock to pleasure her.


My Feminized Husband

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Saturday, 1st July 2017 Part 4 of 4

Featuring Lady Nina Birch & Tiffany Real Doll

Nina has spent years feminizing her husband, now renamed Tiffany, turning him from an aggressive male into a passive, chastity clad sissy, who is always looking to please her. Tiffany brings Champagne in and is ready for her daily inspection, Nina noticing that her nails have not been painted and the lace gloves used to try and cover this misdemeanour have a hole in, this is reason for immediate correction.

Nina puts her over the knee and uses the leather paddle to punish the wobbling cheeks and then fingers and inserts a vibrating butt plug. Tiffany is then put in bondage and her cock teased until she is begging for release, which as usual, never comes.

The English Mansion

ElectroSluts – Jul 01, 2017

ElectroSluts Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 13:56:21

Cherry Torn Plays with her Masochistic Electro-Painslut

Date: June 29, 2017

With: Cherry Torn , Riley Reyes

Tags: femdom, straight, lesbian, lesbian anal, LezDom, dominatrix, slave, Corporal Punishment, bdsm, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, humiliation, strap on, electrical play, electro dildo, electro clamp, electro plug, TENS Unit, Zapper, cattle prod, blonde, electricity, pain, violet wand, zipper,

Cherry Torn
Blonde and blue-eyed Riley Reyes is bound to a St. Andrew’s cross, awaiting her Mistress Cherry Torn. No stranger to electricity, Riley is hungry with anticipation and can’t wait for Ms. Torn to begin. Cherry starts with the zapper and violet wand touch plate, which allows her to shock her slave merely by touching.

Cherry runs her fingers all over Riley, touching all her sensitive areas, including her cute toes. Riley squirms and moans as Ms. Torn shocks her and yelps as she gets zapped. Riley’s limits are pushed as Cherry brings out a conductive metal cane and plays Riley like a violin. Cherry also runs a conductive metal pinwheel all over this lucky electroslut, causing sparks to fly as the sharp metal comes in contact with Riley’s soft pale skin. All of this pain and pleasure has Riley begging to come as Cherry plays with her wet cunt.

Next, Riley is bound, gagged with rope, and decorated with closepins on her breasts and a zipper along her side. Cherry knows exactly what this little slut needs — a deep electric fucking with the Samurai! Riley’s pussy is her first hole to be fucked with electricity, and Riley can’t get enough. Overwhelmed by sensation, she begs to come on Cherry’s electrified metal cock.

But what’s pleasure without some pain? As Riley comes hard, Cherry rips the zipper off her slave, relishing the marks the close-pins leave behind. But Riley can’t satisfy her Mistress with her pussy alone. Cherry takes her electroslut’s ass as well, filling it with cold metal and electric current. Riley comes hard, thanking her Mistress for being so generous.

Now it’s time for Riley to work! Conductive copper strips circle Riley’s legs and are alive with current, shocking the wearer. Riley must work through the pain and service Ms. Torn with her tongue. Cherry rides Riley’s face while shocking her with the zapper. Riley licks Cherry’s pretty pussy and asshole while Cherry comes hard all over her face.

Then Cherry dials up the electricity, and makes Riley come over and over as she vibrates her slutty wet cunt.


Cruel Girlfriend – Jul 01, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 13:52:44

Your First Hours As A Girl

Stay calm – We are here to help. If you’re watching this video clip it’s because you are fortunate enough to have survived your extreme feminisation surgery. You’re alive so you already have something to celebrate!

Firstly, we’ll explain what has happened to you. You were sent to us for permanent feminisation. The reason could be one of many, sometimes it’s revenge by a scorned ex-wife or girlfriend, sometimes it’s for sex-trafficking purposes. The reason is not important to us but will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

After your arrival, the person financing your feminisation is asked to make a number of choices relating to your feminisation – the results of their choices will be displayed on your screen now. You were selected for the total bimbofication surgery which means you have been given an extreme body shape, huge tits, a tiny waist, big lips, a cute ass and an ultra-feminine face.

The surgery, you may be upset to learn, is completely irreversible. You are, to all effect, a real girl now. Your first hours are going to be a shock, but soon we will teach you to walk like a girl, talk like a girl, how to do your makeup and of course we’ll coach you through all the ways you will be expected to please a man.

You’ll be taught how to dress, how to flirt, how to suck cock and of course how to make a man cum. What is most important for you now is to quickly accept your old life as a man is over. You are a girl now – and there’s no going back. Your new girl name will be displayed on the screen now. T

hank you for watching and welcome to your new PERMANENTLY FEMINISED life.

Jessie Jensen, Maxie Rhoads

Cruel Girlfriend

Club Stiletto – Jul 01, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 13:49:22

Cum On My Nylon Covered Feet

New for June 23 (9 minute Video)

Sexy Princess Lily looks down at you and calls you her foot bitch. “Come here” she instructs you. She says you’re disgusting but she’s going to reward you because you worked so hard to please her. “I know you love my dirty shoes; you love all the dirty things I walk in because you’re as disgusting as my dirty shoes are.”

She holds up her white six inch stilettos and mentions that she’s been wearing them all day long. She tells you to suck the heel. “When I inspect the bottoms of these shoes they had better be spotless” she warns you.

She says she knows nothing is too disgusting for you. You’ll do anything to please her and you’re nothing more to her than a household cleaning item. She lets a shoe dangle from one foot and tells you to get your nose into the crack between her foot and shoe. “I’ll be ramming this nylon-covered foot into your mouth soon” she tells you.

Seeing how excited this gets you, she gives you permission to start stroking your cock. There are some great close up views starting from the floor, then panning up to Lily’s shoes and nylon-covered feet. She tells you to keep stroking and sniffing her feet. “Maybe I’ll let you cum” she ponders. “Maybe I’ll let you cum on my nylons and then make you lick it all up.”

She has also decided to video tape the event so she can blackmail you later. “What would your friends think, seeing you eat your own cum off my feet? What would your wife and family…

Club Stiletto

The British Institution – Jul 01, 2017

The British Institution Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 13:43:55

Labyrinth. Four.

Date Added: 26-06-2017 – Length: 7 minutes

There’s a labyrinth under the Institution. Huge, cold and dark and filthy. It’s used for storing surplus kit and surplus slaves. The supports are just right to use as securing points and so here they sit on four feet of chain, if they are lucky. Out of sight and for the most part out of mind. Only visited to be fed swill and receive savage beatings.

The British Institution

American Mean Girls – Jul 01, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 13:40:47

Deleting Your Other Clips

You slaves sure do spend a lot of time jerking off to porn. Unfortunately many of you have been jerking to porn I don’t approve of. In this video you’ll receive instructions on how to get rid of all that nasty garbage porn so that you can focus on what really matters: worshiping me.

Category: MIND FUCK

American Mean Girls

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