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Yoo Girls – Aug 13, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:15:02


Added: 2017-08-12

I have had my slave in his cage all day. He’s been waiting for me to arrive and let him out.

Of course, it’s only the beginning of his ordeal as I am going to have some fun with him. I open his cage and tell him to crawl to the front. I have some bondage rope and cuffs that I’m going to use to tie him tightly to the cage.

With him nice and secure, I warn him he’s going to suffer for me. I can see from the expression in his eyes he is afraid, and so he should be. I am going to smother him until he begs me to stop. I think some hand over mouth will be just the thing. As I place my hands over his mouth he begins to struggle, of course he can’t escape. I tighten my grip, and watch as he struggles for air. With his large gasps for air just long enough, before I once again place my hands tightly over his mouth.

Eventually It’s time for a breather. However, for him but it won’t last. I bring out a pair of my favourite latex gloves. When I show them to him, I can see the panic in his eyes. I so enjoy that distinctive sound as I pull the tight latex over my hands. I quickly place my hands over his mouth, and watch as his eyes begin to bulge as he gasps for air.

It’s going to be a breathtaking time for my bitch as he suffers in silence, and his suffering will continue until I until I think he’s had enough…

Length: 8min.
Size: 66 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Smother
Language: Italian

Mistress Gaia

Sweet Femdom – Aug 13, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:11:43

Tangent Gets a Hooker FULL

Added: 08-13-2017
– Length: 19 Mins:00 Secs

Goddess Tangent has had a long day of doing Femdom stuff. She gets back her hotel, still in a sheer bodysuit. She needs rest, but first, she needs some ass, on her terms…. She needs a hooker.

She finds Lance Hart’s ad on Rent Men and calls him over. He shows up and she asks if he will rub her feet. Of course he will. She paid his rate.

Lance rubs and licks and sucks her perfect feet until she is content. Then she lets him know she needs to fuck his ass…

Goddess Tangent has a pink strap on dick on. She slides it into Lance’s ass and fucks his brains out. She fucks him like a whore, because he is one. He moans and calls her Daddy.

She makes him ride her cock and finally he loses it and cums all over himself. “Now lick it up for Daddy…. and get out of here.”

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Goddess Tangent

Sweet Femdom

Subby Hubby – Aug 13, 2017

Subby Hubby Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:09:26

My Wife Fucks My Boss – MiniMovie

Runtime: 32:03 | Release date: 08/13/2017

Description: Tony is a complete loser. Incompetent at work and incompetent in the bedroom. The small dicked wimp has no idea that his wife Tara Starp is fucking his boss. Actually, that is the only reason he still has a job! Tony goes home after another day at work to find his wife naked and waiting for him. He wants to make love to her, but she can’t help making fun of his small cock; instead, she has one she straps to his head, telling him she needs a real cock to fuck her.

After Tony finishes, Tara tells him the truth: she has been fucking his boss, Mr. Halston, and from now on, he is going to be her cuckold! Not wanting to lose his wife and his job, Tony agrees. He has to suffer the indignity of seeing his wife fucked in front of him, then has to lick his boss’s cum off his wife’s breasts. Because he seems to like cum so much, Tara orders him to give his boss a blow job; Mr. Halston really gets off degrading Tony, making sure his balls flop all over Tony’s face.

Tara humiliates Tony even further by making Tony gargle his boss’s cum in his mouth after the boss shot in it. Tara is not the kind of woman who lets any man be her equal, letting Mr. Halston know that from now on he is her bitch as well. She enjoys having Mr. Halston lick her ass while Tony worships her feet. Then Tara introduces Mr. Halston to her big black strapon cock, giving him a thorough ass pounding before making him lick all of his ass juices from her cock.

All the men in Tara’s life eventually become her bitch. If Tony thought having Tara make fun of his penis size were not bad enough, he finds out Mr. Halston has been fucking his wife – and if he doesn’t go along, he is going to lose his wife and his job. So Tony is reduced to a pathetic cuckold sucking his wife’s toes while she fucks his boss. But it gets even worse for Tony, as if helplessly watching as Tara fucks Mr. Halston was not bad enough. Tara orders him to lick her pussy and Mr. Halston’s dick while they fuck.

Tony’s humiliation is completed when Mr. Halston cums all over Tara’s chest and he is ordered to lick all of his cum up. Tony’s humiliation continues as Tara and Mr. Halston cuddle after fucking while laughing about what a pathetic loser he is as they both use him as their human foot cleaner, of course the chastised loser doesn’t really have a choice as his boss and his wife hold all the power in his life. After fucking Tara multiple times, Mr. Halston is still horny so Tara decides that it is a perfect time to make Tony into her blowjob bitch.

As Tony sucks away, Tara grades his performance and refuses to let him finish, no matter how often he gags on Mr. Halston’s cock. Tara just laughs at all of the drool coming out of Tony’s mouth as he tries to handle such a large man tool but Tony ‘s humiliation is not complete, as Tara has Mr. Halston stand over Tony so that his balls keep flopping off of Tony’s face.

When Mr. Halston cums inside Tony’s mouth, Tara has him gargle the cum for her own amusement. Mr. Halston tells Tara he is going to leave, but Tara has a surprise for him. She grabs his collar and tells him that she is tired of dating him and that he is just like Tony which is just another bitch to her. Mr. Halston is shocked, but does not want to lose Tara, so he does what she orders him to drop to his knees and starts licking her ass.

As Mr. Halston licks her ass, she orders Tony to worship her feet. This is Tara’s life – having bitches serving her on their knees. Tara completes training Mr. Halston into her bitch by taking his ass with her strap-on dildo. Tara pounds his ass until he is almost crying from the pain in his ass. When he says he can’t believe she is doing this to him, she just laughs and tells him he had better believe it, because he is truly nothing but a bitch to her.

As she fucks away, she also orders Mr. Halston to give Tony a promotion at work, which he agrees to do. Tara makes him repeat his promise before she has him suck his ass juices off of her cock. Tara smiles at making yet another man into her bitch.

Subby Hubby

Kinky Kicks – Aug 13, 2017

Kinky Kicks Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:06:24

Insomnia Fix

Added: 2017-07-30

A case victim has come into a study centre with a difference. This is a fetish parlour that offers alternative cure methods to problematic conditions. This poor fellow has trouble sleeping and is desperate to be able to just get a few forty winks. Luckily for him Alex is on hand to help him out and has a few special ideas on how to fix his insomnia problem.

She is convinced that he needs to get rid of some physical energy and commences her ‘special treatment’ which Alex believes will make the patient very exhausted and sleep for a long time. This hot blonde is dressed in a skimpy PVC outfit finished off with black patent thigh boots, which is enough to make any man exhausted just looking at her!

Alex commences her treatment with the ‘special tools stage’. She has an assortment of whips, crops and paddles, which she uses to hit the patients exposed balls with. She occasionally rests her arms in this stage of the beating, but instead dishes out some harsh knees and kicks to his groin! After a little more abuse of his balls with her special tools it is time for the second phase of the treatment.

That is, he must endure repeated kicking to his balls until the man can stand no more. She sets an aim of ten, but gravity seems to be getting the better of him less than half way through this phase. Not deterred by this she orders him to stand and attempt to complete the ten full force kicks which Alex dishes out.

Those boots look deadly enough, and the force she uses to kick looks lethal!!! After 10 kicks the patient is still not quite exhausted enough, even though his balls are red and swollen. Therefore, phase three commences. He endures some more hard knees before Alex decides its time to unleash her ultimate assault, which hopefully will but him to sleep for a very long time!

And so the patient stands to await his final booster. But will it be enough? Will our case victim be either dead tired, rendered unconscious or will he be cured of his insomnia? Do you have the endurance to watch and find out?!

NB: This video was previously released in 2008 and has been re-encoded to a higher bit rate in 1080p full HD.

Tags: Ballbusting Fantasies, Boots, CFNM kicking, cbt, gloves, alex

Kinky Kicks

HumiliationPOV – Aug 13, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:03:21

Home Wrecking Relationship Counseling

August 12th, 2017 –
Category: home wrecker

Princess Lacey

Let me tell you my honest and professional opinion. Your relationship, your marriage, it’s never going to work out. We can keep up with your counseling all you want but in the end, your relationship was over before you even came to me. So I think we need to try a different type of counseling. I know what you’ve wanted to hear all along, that your relationship is over. So it’s time to focus on a new way. But before we can do that, you need to end it today, you need to tell her it’s over. Split up and never speak to her again. I want you to start seeking a life alone. That’s all you need, you don’t need any kind of relationship. All you need is to be alone and be the weak, pathetic, horny little bitch that you are.

Now we’re getting somewhere aren’t we? Your face lit the fuck up when I spoke to you that way. So your new therapy to forget all about her, is to focus on something new. And since I’m the one who is helping you with all of these realizations, it’s obviously me. I no longer have to see your stupid girl ever again, and you don’t have to either. It’s fucking over with her. I am your new focus. And you want to continue with your new counseling, don’t you? Of course you do. But know that starting now, this therapy is more expensive.

Your new life alone will be spent jerking off and paying me to continue providing this counseling. I could tell right away that you were a pathetic little jerk junkie. Not having sex really played a factor in the destruction of your relationship. But you didn’t want to have sex with her any more. You’d rather just jerk off to videos online, right? Now I want you to start jerking off for me, right here. Pull out that pathetic fucking dick and jerk it for me. Look how hard you are already. I know you got hard the moment I called you a bitch. Jerk for me and tell me your relationship is over and you accept your new life alone.

Jerk to my ass and tell me that you’re nothing but a weak little loser. You need this type of therapy. It feels good accepting the truth. I know what you need, she didn’t. Jerking off feels so much better than trying to revive your relationship. You know this is all you’ve ever wanted. The freedom to be the weak, pathetic, jerk junkie you are. This new form of counseling is sure to change your life. I can tell that it’s already started to. And you’ll need to keep coming back and paying for session after session. I showed you the truth. I give you the permission to be the horny little pervert that you are. But you must accept and follow my guidance.

Your life will be spent alone, focusing only on work and our therapy sessions. You will never waste your time on another relationship ever again. I don’t even want you to have friends. You just work and you come here for our counseling. Understood? And you’re not allowed to cum, that is another part of our very strict therapy. I’m going to totally rewire your brain. I only want you to edge, this is called edging therapy. Now I want you to go home and break up with her, then jerk your dick for hours, but you’re not allowed to cum.


Femme Fatale Films – Aug 13, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:00:53

Dropping The Ball

Updated Today with Part 2 Of 3

Featuring Cate Fury, The Hunteress.

The slave really dropped the ball when he decided to take off his chastity device, without the permission of his owners. They decide the best way to punish his errant ways is to pummel his balls repeatedly with stiletto heeled high swinging kicks and crunching knees.

By the time they’re finished with him, there was no chance his chastity device would fit back on his sore and swollen parts!

Part 2 Duration: 5 mins 6 secs Photos: 31

Femme Fatale Films

Femdom Empire – Aug 13, 2017

Femdom Empire Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 13:58:49

Cock Juicing Stand

Date Added: August 10, 2017 |

11 min of video

Goddess Brittany Andrews has a stable of slaves who need to be kept fed to stay strong and healthy. She has chosen one lucky piece of meat to be her cum producing slut that gets to provide all the rest with a fresh dose of weekly protein. His cock and balls have been permanently bound to the juicing stand so he is always patiently waiting to be milked by his Goddess.

Femdom Empire

The English Mansion – Aug 13, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 13:57:19


Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 13th August 2017 Part 3 of 4

Featuring Mistress Scarlett Black & Mistress Sidonia

Mistresses Sidonia and Scarlett Black are using their slave outside, he has been locked to the cage overnight and now it is time to deal with him. They squeeze his balls and whip his cock to get his full attention and then let him down on his knees, where he gratefully worships their beautiful boots as the whipping continues. Mistresses then put on their big strapons and spitroast the slutty slave as he eagerly takes his fucking from both ends and he is pegged in some extreme positions.


Tied For Her Orgasm

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 13th August 2017 Part 3 of 3

Featuring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia has one of her sex slaves tied in elaborate rope bondage, ready to be used for her pleasure. She delights in teasing him with her beautiful body, his cock is soon straining with desire, so she rides it to orgasm. He is then edged over and over before being left unsatisfied, ready to be used again.

The English Mansion

American Mean Girls – Aug 13, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 13:54:28

Email-Jerk Junkie Blackmail

I know what you’re doing. You email me 20 times a day asking the most retarded questions. I know you’re spanking your monkey every time you see my reply. Well what you don’t know is all the questions I’ve been asking you were for a reason. I know where you live, who your friends are, where you go to church, your ugly wife’s name, where you work, and who you bank with.

Little by little I found out everything about you while you were not paying attention. Just focusing on your stupid cock while I was getting all the dirt on you. And now it’s my turn to fuck you over.

American Mean Girls