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Yoo Girls – Aug 16, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 19:06:30

Cash Meet and stinky socks

Added: 2017-08-16

I know you love it to meet me at a cash meet! I open the door of my car and at first you have to kiss my high heels. Then you have to give me the money! Today you have to give me a lot – not just a few bucks – i want a few hundred bucks! Of course i have a present for you – my stinky socks – and you have to sniff them in front of my care! I dont care if people in public laughing about you – in fact – you are a loser and you have to pay and sniff my socks!

Día de paga a cambio de unos calcetines malolientes

Arrodíllate y besa lentamente la suela de mis zapatos. Hemos hecho esta quedada porque tengo ganas de humillarte en público y he venido a recibir mi paga ¿Sientes vergüenza de estar arrodillado ante mi en público para que vean lo patético que llegas a ser mientras me obedeces y pagas tu tributo? Te encanta verme con todo tu dinero en un sitio donde todos pueden ver lo cerdo que eres.

Sabes que soy una buena Ama y he decidido traerte algo que te va a gustar: mis calcetines tremendamente sudados y apestados que he usado en el gimnasio. Unos calcetines sudados a cambio de tu dinero ¡Ahora pienso irme a gastarlo todo con mis amigas y contarles lo pelele que eres!

Length: 5min.
Size: 170 MB
Format: wmv
Category: Financial Domination
Language: Spanish

Amanda Rey

Sweet Femdom – Aug 16, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 19:03:56

Busted and Teased by Lily Lane

Added: 08-16-2017
– Length: 13 Mins:45 Secs

[this is “Yoga Pants Ballbusting Lily Lane” and “Brutal Chasity Tease Lily Lane” as one continuous scene for a discount]

Lily Lane is in the kitchen looking hot as fuck in some Gymshark leggings and a tank top. When her boyfriend walks in, she knees him in the nuts.

“I’m going to keep breaking your balls until you let me lock you up in chastity [smile]”

Lance really doesn’t want to get locked up in chastity while she goes out and fucks other dudes, but she’s pretty clear that she’s just going to keep kicking, kneeing and crushing his nuts under her feet until he agrees…

She even gives him incentive and puts his hands on her huge perfect tits in between the abuse until he finally agrees to let her lock up his dick.

Now that Lily convinced her boyfriend to lock up his cock in chastity (by kicking and kneeing his balls in) she wants to have some fun with him. She teases him relentlessly with her tits, ass and feet. She makes him lick her stinky bare feet, worship her big perfect tits, buries his face in her crotch and then gets excited and crushes him with a scissor hold while his face is in her ass. She loves this new dynamic of their relationship.

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Lily Lane

Sweet Femdom

HumiliationPOV – Aug 16, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 19:00:29

Strip Tease And Denial

August 15th, 2017 –
Category: Tease and Denial

Bratty Ashley Sinclair

This is going to be torture for you. I’m going to show off my sexy body for you and tease the fuck out of you, and I know you’re going to get so turned on. And I’m even going to let you touch yourself. But you’re not allowed to cum. I want that in your brain. I want you to jerk knowing your pathetic cock isn’t allowed to cum. You can just watch me dance and get naked, you can stare and jerk, but that cock of yours is going to be completely denied.

I’m going to dance around in my sexy lingerie, and then I’m going to strip for you. You’ll get to gaze upon my sexy naked body as I shake my hot body, teasing the fuck out of you, all the while knowing that you’re not going to cum. I want that engrained in your head as you watch me strip and dance. So go on, jerk it loser. Jerk and watch the way my body moves. Jerk it for my naked tits, my hot little ass, and my sweet pussy.

I’m sure you’re so turned on and hard right now, but no cumming, loser. I know you want to so bad after watching me dance around half naked. You can keep stroking it if you want, you can stroke all day for all I care just as long as you don’t cum. I know you love being teased and denied. That’s what losers like you deserve.


Fetish Liza – Aug 16, 2017

Fetish Liza Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 18:58:05

Gloved jerk-off game

12 mins 01 secs

Want to play a game? It involves these gorgeous Burberry gloves and a very sexy leather outfit. Do you think you can resist and control your orgasm whilst I tease you with my long leather gloves? Because I need you to cum after 10 seconds of counting for you to win

Tags: boots, leather, gloves, handjob, cum on gloves, pov

Fetish Liza

Femme Fatale Films – Aug 16, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 18:55:58

Equal Measures

Updated Today with Part 6 Of 6

Featuring Miss Zoe.

See Miss Zoe in incredibly erotic Femdom action with her personal slave, as never seen before! When a highly sexual and beautiful Domme sits on a man’s face and then starts using a vibrator on herself, this can only mean one thing to most men… intense pleasure, especially as she threatens to soak his face in her pussy juice.

However, for every moment of intense pleasure, Miss Zoe decides to dish out an equal measure of intense pain. Sensual, erotic, brutal, invasive and intense is the sum of Miss Zoe’s incredible actions in this, a real session for the true femdom enthusiast…

Part 6 Duration: 6 mins 2 secs Photos: 30

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Aug 16, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 18:53:47

Don’t Spare The Rod

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Wednesday, 16th August 2017 Part 2 of 2

Featuring Lady Nina Birch

After his crime and sentence is read out, the perpetrator is unchained and his stern corporal punishment is carried out by officer Birch.

The English Mansion

Chateau Cuir – Aug 16, 2017

Chateau Cuir Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 18:52:03

Angel cums in her leather pants

August 15, 2017, 8 mins 38 secs

Dressing for leather sex…blonde babe Angel slowly slips in to her Miss Sixty pants. She loves this type of trousers as they fit tightly and feel amazing on her slim body. She can’t wait to cum in them!

Contains: blonde, trousers, fitting, solo, masturbation, toy, high heels

Chateau Cuir

American Mean Girls – Aug 16, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 18:50:21

Who’s Sorry Now

Princess Bella asks Goddess Raven if she heard what happened with the slave. She explains that she whipped the slave like one single time and he starts crying and quits! Omg! So Pathetic! Now that the slave has come crawling back he better apologize to Princess Bella for disrespecting her and leaving her without a slave to whip.

Today he will make up for lost time and take a real whipping for Princess Bella.

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven double team the slave whipping him without mercy.

Princess Bella beats the slave extra hard to teach him a lesson but Goddess Raven does it just because it turns her on! Goddess Raven loves to see a slave suffer and her enthusiasm rubs off on Princess Bella until they are both cheering and jumping up and down caught up in the excitement of beating the slave like sharks in a feeding frenzy they can’t stop whipping the slave.

Princess Bella whips the slave so hard she literally breaks her whip! The slave is left bloodied and broken begging for it to stop! The clip does have some occasional issues with lighting as a few times it is a bit overly dark.

Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it an “8.5.”


American Mean Girls