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Yoo Girls – Aug 26, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 15:12:39

Disgusting sock-tea with spit and ash

Added: 2017-08-25

While I was jogging in the woods a mean idea grew on me … I was meeting the slave afterwards and originally planned to make him smell my stinky socks, that I’ve been wearing for my last few runs … but now I have an even meaner plan. I sit down on the kitchen countertop, take of my running shoes and the sweaty, dirty socks – and put them into a glass.

The slave’s confused, but starts to realize my idea as I switch on the electric kettle. While I wait for the water to start boiling I spit on the socks in the glass. Then fill up the glass with hot water. I light up a cigarette as well and use the glass with his stinky sock-tea as my ashtray.

After spitting into it a few more times I stir the slave’s tea and then give it to him. Of course he has to drink it all up – to the last drop!

Ekliger Socken-Tee mit Spucke und Asche

Während ich im Wald joggen war, kam mir eine böse Idee … ich wollte sowieso den Sklaven nach dem Lauf treffen und eigentlich hatte ich nur geplant ihn an den extrem verschwitzten Socken riechen zu lassen, die ich schon bei meinen letzten Läufen immer getragen habe … aber nun habe ich einen noch fieseren Plan. Ich setze mich auf die Küchentheke, ziehe meine Laufschuhe und die verschwitzten dreckigen Socken aus – und stopfe sie in ein Glas.

Der Sklave schaut mich nur verwirrt an, aber kapiert langsam was ihn erwartet, als ich den Wasserkocher anwerfe. Während ich warte, dass das Wasser heiss wird, spucke ich auf die Socken im Glas, dann fülle ich das Glas mit heissem Wasser auf. Ich zünde mir eine Zigarette an und asche in seinen stinkenden Socken-Tee.

Nachdem ich noch ein paar Mal reingespuckt habe, rühre ich den Tee noch um und gebe dem Sklaven dann seinen Tee zu trinken. Natürlich muss er ihn bis zum letzten Tropfen austrinken!

Length: 11min.
Size: 410 MB
Format: wmv
Category: Foot Domination
Language: German

Madame Marissa

Sweet Femdom – Aug 26, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 15:09:32

Strap On Compilation 36

Added: 08-26-2017
– Length: 52 Mins:11 Secs

This is another high value compilation made of recent strap-on scenes from our production so far. You get the full version of each clip!

The following scenes are included:

Arm Wrestling for Anal FULL

Haunted by Amadahy Part 2

Mona Saves an Angel Part 1

Miss Santa Saves Christmas

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Alexis Rain, Mona Wales, Amadahy, Charlotte Sartre

Sweet Femdom

Subby Hubby – Aug 26, 2017

Subby Hubby Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 15:07:17

Parker Swayze & Paulina Amore MiniMovie

Runtime: 43:33 | Release date: 08/25/2017


Watch Parker Swayze and Paulina Amore have their way with men in this minimovie.

Subby Hubby

Humiliatrix .com – Aug 26, 2017 Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 15:04:46

Princess Becky Locks You in Chastity to Fuck You with Her Strap-on

Aug 22 2017

“I’m going to lock your sputtering little package into this hard plastic chastity cage. Then I’m going to give you a good hard fucking with my strap-on. If you cream your chastity cage while I’m fucking you? I’ll know you’re nothing but a dickless sissy bitch cockslut. Ready to be Princess Becky’s cocklocked fuckbrat?…” 11 minutes

Princess Becky, punishment fucking, predicament orgasm, male chastity, strap-on…

Femme Fatale Films – Aug 26, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:50:46

Trampling Filth

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring Divine Mistress Heather.

I decided to spend a weekend in London and had one of my personal slaves acquire an apartment for me. Taking in a private fetish party on the first night (to which this slave was not allowed to attend) he was there to greet me in the not so early hours the next day…

What ensued was real… he really was licking the filth from the soles of my boots and I relished in the verbal and physical humiliation I put him through. It gives me great satisfaction crushing a man beneath my dirty soles, with the added benefit of him keeping my well worn club boots licked squeaky clean.

Complete Duration: 16 mins 12 secs Photos: 23

Femme Fatale Films

Femdom Empire – Aug 26, 2017

Femdom Empire Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:48:43

Bootlicking for Beta-males

Date Added: August 25, 2017 |

11 min of video

If this slave ever wants to be promoted from a lowly boot licker he needs to learn to use his tongue properly! Amazon Goddess Skyla expects the bottoms of her boots to be licked completely clean as soon as she gets home. If the slave doesn’t do his task with enough enthusiasm then he gets beat or humiliated. Skyla examines his little dick then beats it for being so pathetic, back to licking boots for this beta-male.

Femdom Empire

The English Mansion – Aug 26, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:39:26

Ridden & Whipped

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Saturday, 26th August 2017 Part 3 of 3

Featuring Mistress Regina & Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Regina and Sidonia are in the Mansion paddock with a sturdy male slave. He is tasked with pulling the pony cart following Mistress instruction, Regina keeps him on point using the whip. He then takes both Mistresses for a ride, doubling the payload and making him sweat with exertion. As reward for his efforts, he is then put n the whipping post and both ladies lash him until they are satisfied.


Filthy Bi Xdressers

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Saturday, 26th August 2017 Part 3 of 4

Featuring Mistress Pandora

This is an extremely filthy move featuring Mistress Pandora and her two slutty bi slaves.

She starts off with then tied together, mouths sharing a gag, ordering them to gaze into each others eyes and to grope each other up sensually, rubbing their hands on bums and cocks under her beautiful vocal commands.

The slaves then take turns sucking cock and are then placed in a 69, so that Mistress can strapon fuck one as he sucks the other slut. The ultimate humiliation is to make one of the slaves fuck the other as she directs the actions, then making him cum in their mouth and snowball it together. Super filthy and not for the faint hearted!

The English Mansion

Club Stiletto – Aug 26, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:36:20

Foot Bitch Blows A Load

New for August 23 (8 minute Video)

Goddess Mia and Russian Queen M have their slave locked up in the floor box and walk all over him. He has to lick and suck their feet and also be abused by them. M decides the slave must have a dry mouth from all that licking so she gives him a couple good drinks by taking water in her mouth and spitting it into his.

Eventually they decide they are going to let the slave shoot a load… if he can do it on the count of 15. Who wouldn’t shoot a huge load after sucking and licking the gorgeous feet and toes of these two young Goddesses?

Club Stiletto

Club Dom – Aug 26, 2017

Club Dom Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:34:19

Brutal Double Ass Fucking

Runtime: 14:34 | Release date: 08/05/2017

Description: These Goddess’s know all you dream of is big black cock stretching out your pathetic man cunt you fantasize about Goddess Rilynn Rae and Mistress Roxii Blair pounding your little pussy owning you completely, dominating, you and then allowing you to stroke that little 2″ inch slut stick only to lick up your own filth and get back in your cage.

Mistress Roxii Blair and Goddess Rilynn Rae love fucking and stretching out man pussy both Goddess’s are strapped up with 12″ Hard black cock and ready to fuck some slutty slave ass, they lead their bitches in on a double leash as Goddess Rilynn whips them and makes them beg for cock, they flip these slaves into Pyle driver to get even deeper penetration and achieve maximum stretching of these slaves asses.

The Ladies fuck them silly laughing and loving every minute of it.

Club Dom

American Mean Girls – Aug 26, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:27:28

“I Hate You” – interactive (HD)

In this clip I literally say the MEANEST sh*tt to you- right to your face. I tell you I literally HATE you. I tell you how much you DISGUST me and that I would NEVER “date” a submissive LOSER like you. I date REAL men. “Alphas”, as I have learned they are called.

You are a “beta”- and you repulse me. I just USE losers like you for my own financial benefit. Will you seriously put up with this kind of treatment and STILL worship the ground I walk on? Seriously??

Ok, I want you to watch this clip, really let this verbal abuse sink in, and if you STILL want to serve me after that- follow the instructions in the clip EXACTLY as I lay them out in the video. If you are really that pathetic to put up with this and follow the instructions in the clip then you DESERVE to be used and treated like human garbage.

American Mean Girls