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Yoo Girls – Aug 27, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:22:28

Sexy girl Betty Spitting Boot Domination

Added: 2017-08-26

Sexy girl Betty Spitting Boot Domination.

Length: 7min.
Size: 517 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Boot Domination
Language: English


Sweet Femdom – Aug 27, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:19:49

Surrender Your Balls to Lily Lane

Added: 08-26-2017
– Length: 14 Mins:10 Secs

[this is “Lick My Boots – Lily Lane” and “Time to Lose Your Balls – Lily Lane” as one continuous story for a discount]

Lily is wearing a blue lacey one-piece with black pantyhose and super high heeled patent leather boots.

She wants you to imagine that you are with her, licking her boots.

She teases you with her long heals…

“This shiny boots are ready to crush your balls…”

Lily wants to make you suffer while you worship her boots. Maybe she’ll let you cum on them and lick it up, it your balls can still cum…

Later on, Lily is dressed up for something extra special. She’s wearing a white shear thong bodysuit with white fishnets and bright red high heels.

“You know what I’ve decided? I’m going to cut your balls off.”

“Maybe I’ll take my time… make it REALLY HURT.” [smile]

She teases you with her perfect body, and loves that you are dripping pre-cum while she tells you all the terrible ways you are about to lose your manhood forever to her.

Models Tagged: Lily Lane

Sweet Femdom

Humiliatrix .com – Aug 27, 2017 Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:17:19

Your Cruel Boss Tessa Petticoats You in Sissy Panties

Aug 25 2017

“There are two kinds of men: alpha bulls and sissy cucks. We both know very well which one you are. Since you can’t get the job done in the bedroom like a man, you’re going to wear panties to work. Sissy panties. Because your dominant boss Tessa says so…” Includes a real-life humiliation assignment from Tessa. 11 minutes

Goddess Tessa, panty emasculation, office humiliation assignment, foot worship…

Femme Fatale Films – Aug 27, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:15:26

Dropping The Ball

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring Cate Fury, The Hunteress.

The slave really dropped the ball when he decided to take off his chastity device, without the permission of his owners. They decide the best way to punish his errant ways is to pummel his balls repeatedly with stiletto heeled high swinging kicks and crunching knees. By the time they’re finished with him, there was no chance his chastity device would fit back on his sore and swollen parts!

Complete Duration: 15 mins 17 secs Photos: 31

Femme Fatale Films

Femdom Empire – Aug 27, 2017

Femdom Empire Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:13:28

Bondage Tip Orgasm

Date Added: August 26, 2017 |

16 min of video

Mistress Asia has her slave locked down in a body bag, strapped & blind folded with only his cock exposed. The device on his cock that only allows the tip of her slave’s cock to be exposed while keeping the rest welded shut to never be stimulated again.

There is nothing more frustrating for a man then having just the tip teased and touched by his Mistress. She knows how badly he is dying to cum and decides to play a game with her helpless pet to see just how sensitive his cock has become.

Femdom Empire

The English Mansion – Aug 27, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:04:17

Bottom Craving

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 27th August 2017 Part 1 of 1

Featuring Miss Eve Harper

“Come in here my bottom boy! You are in for a treat today, imagine kissing and worshipping my perfect ass, framed by my sexy stockings and g-string. That’s it, come in close and inhale my scent, I love to feel your tongue licking my hole as I squat over your undeserving face, my personal bottom worshipper, this is your life now, underneath me!”



Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 27th August 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Mistress Scarlett Black & Mistress Sidonia

Mistresses Sidonia and Scarlett Black are using their slave outside, he has been locked to the cage overnight and now it is time to deal with him. They squeeze his balls and whip his cock to get his full attention and then let him down on his knees, where he gratefully worships their beautiful boots as the whipping continues.

Mistresses then put on their big strapons and spitroast the slutty slave as he eagerly takes his fucking from both ends and he is pegged in some extreme positions.

The English Mansion

Club Dom – Aug 27, 2017

Club Dom Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 14:38:13

They Milked That Bitch

Runtime: 09:04 | Release date: 08/02/2017

Description: Time for another monthly milking on the estate Goddess Mena Li and Goddess Rachael Madori milk their sluts filth right out of him but first the tease and twist his pathetic cock and balls edging the slut right to the brink then stopping and laughing at him the woman are cruel and love the power they have over their male slaves finally they let the slave shoot a load, then feed him every last drop.

Club Dom

American Mean Girls – Aug 27, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 14:36:38

A Day In The Life Of The Mean Girl Manor Houseslave- Being Used As Our Ashtray Loser

Custom clip:

“You lead a collared and gagged naked slave on a leash on all 4s around like a for some time. Next you remove the gag and order the slave to lick your boots. Then you do some obedience training with him for your amusement, like letting him lick your spit of the floor.

At the same time you smoke and use the slave as an ashtray and make him swallow the butt at the end. As he did a bad job as your ashtray, you take a real ashtray which is well filled with cigarette butts and ashes and make him kneel in front of you and put the whole content into his mouth. Afterwards you duct tape his mouth tightly and lead him on the leash back to the cage and put him in.

Please. Also bully the slave and whip him often.”

American Mean Girls