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Yoo Girls – Aug 28, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:39:44

You Have One Purpose

Added: 2017-08-27

I am going to be very clear with you today and let you know your only place in My life. I am only interested in using you, manipulating you and taking everything you have. I don’t care about you or how far in debt you are for Me. There is only one way to please Me.

Length: 5min.
Size: 234 MB
Format: mov
Category: Financial Domination
Language: English

Goddess Jeslyn

Sweet Femdom – Aug 28, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:37:28

Strap On Compilation 37

Added: 08-28-2017
– Length: 54 Mins:30 Secs

This is another high value compilation made of recent strap-on scenes from our production so far. You get the full version of each clip!

The following scenes are included:

Veruca James Gets a Hooker Part 1

Chichi Fucks Her Slave

Janice Griffith VS God Part 2

Models Tagged: Chichi Medina, Veruca James, Janice Griffith

Sweet Femdom

Glove Mansion – Aug 28, 2017

Glove Mansion Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:35:03

Kinky triple latex handjob part 2

August 27, 2017, 8 mins 22 secs

The gloved orgy continues and slave girl Lucia gets a deep latex fingering from Fetish Liza. Just watch those long rubber gloves slide inside her wet pussy! The male slave gets drained by Miss Miranda and Lucia is there to catch all the spunk on her gloved hands.


Contains: latex gloves, slave girl, strap-on, stockings, high heels, bondage, handjob, cum on gloves

Glove Mansion

Femme Fatale Films – Aug 28, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:33:13

Fucked Up

Updated Today with Part 1 Of 2

Featuring Cybill Troy.

Cybill Troy teams up with Hannah Hunt in this explosive pegging scene. Simply sucking cock is not an option for these two ladies… it needs to be rammed down his throat until he chokes and thrust up his ass until he cries. The scene is brutal from the start as these two powerful Dommes throw him around like a rag doll, humiliating him both verbally and physically in the extreme.

Part 1 Duration: 6 mins 53 secs Photos: 16

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Aug 28, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:31:17

Alfresco CBT

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Monday, 28th August 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Mistress Sidonia

Mistress Sidonia is in the Mansion grounds, her slave tied up to the suspension rig, his cock and balls helplessly exposed. Mistress soon ties it up tightly, teasing the dick until it is super hard and then whipping the engorged member His balls stretched down low and pegs attached, the continual pain and pleasure breaking his feeble mind.

The English Mansion

Dirty Dommes – Aug 28, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:29:36

Cum covered bi slut part 2

7 mins 43 secs

What a good little slut! And such a dirty cocksucker, ha ha. Look at him swallow a real man’s dick! Once I am happy with his blowjob skills, he gets to lay on his back and gets a nice spunk shower over him!

Tags: enforced bi, high heels, latex, handjob, blowjob, cumshot

Dirty Dommes

Club Dom – Aug 28, 2017

Club Dom Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:27:51

Russian Revenge – Mini Movie

Runtime: 11:43 | Release date: 08/28/2017

Description: Dava is a sweet girl who met Cameron at a local night club. She thought he was really sweet and really liked him. He told her that she was different and that he had feelings for her. After a little bit of kissing one thing led to another. To Dava, the sex was not that great but she really likes this guy. He promises to call her the next day, however, after weeks he never returns her texts or phone calls.

Cameron is a player and only out for hooks up and one night stands with no regard to any of the women’s emotions. Months go by and Dava’s Russian Aunt finds out what was done to her niece. She spots Cameron at a local hang out and uses her thick Russian accent and sexuality to lure Cameron for some fun. She is pulling Cameron into a barn in the middle of nowhere, blindfolded with his arms duck taped together. His clothes are all ripped and torn and throws him into the corner.

“So you like one night stands? I hear you like to do your thinking with that thing between your legs. Using women then never call and then have any regard for their feelings. I am going to show you what this feels like.” Cameron is terrified asking “what are you going to do to me” Kylie grabs a drill and puts the bit right to his forehead and says “maybe we should just put a hole here to correct the problem. But that’s not the head that you’re doing the thinking with now is it?”

They pick up an old rusty machete spreads his legs and swings the machete down within inches of his tiny little pathetic dicklet. He screams. Goddess Kylie calmly takes a drag of her cigarette. Slowly exhaling the smoke right in the bitches face. She then grabs him and tells him “I have something much better for you.” Leading him over to where her sister Dava is brandishing a 12 inch black strap on she informs him “you are going to participate in one of your favorite activities. Open that bitch slut mouth and suck her cock!”

Dominating him completely and shoving his face down on the cock till he gags they make him beg for Dava to fuck his pathetic man-pussy. After making Cameron suck her huge black strap-on, she instructs the bitch to bend over. Goddess Kylie is going to show him what a real one-night stand is. She pounds his man pussy hard, making him tell her how much he loves getting fucked.

“Please, please fuck my ass Goddess,” Cameron screams. Goddess Kylie fucks the bitch until she wears out his manhole. The bitch is taken out back and put on his knees between the ladies. He tells them how sorry he is for using Dava for a one night stand and that he has learned his lesson. Goddess Kylie grabs him by his chin and informs him he will consider the females feelings from now on, and that he will never use women as sexual toys again.

Goddess Kylie instructs him that he will be respectful and treat them like queens. “I hope you have learned from this Cameron,” he replies yes and says how sorry he is. The ladies laugh. Goddess Kylie holds her machete and says, “Now get out of my barn bitch!!!” Cameron runs out of the barn screaming like the little sissy bitch he is.

Club Dom