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Yoo Girls – Sep 08, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:36:45

Bimbo Brain Wash

Added: 2017-09-07

“Time to rewire your brain so you can live your sissy fantasies to the fullest… You were born to suck big black cocks and have all your holes filled, and it is now time to do something about it, right? This clip beautifully combines NLP and Ericksonian technique, for a quick and efficient brain rewiring. Can be looped or watch daily for longer lasting effects. Guaranteed to leave you begging for more!”

Length: 12min.
Size: 1179 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Financial Domination
Language: English

The Only Theodora



Added: 2017-09-07

My slave knows that I always have a clean ashtray on my table. It’s his job to make sure that it’s there. I decide to relax and have a cigarette before I go out. However, there’s no ashtray on the table and I can’t find my cigarettes. I asked my slave and he said he doesn’t know where they are. What a stupid answer, I gave him a slap and reminded him of his job to make sure everything is in it’s place.

After finding my cigarettes myself, I tell him he’s going to be my human ashtray. To punish him, I get some rope and tightly bind him to the table. Then I put a “O” ring gag in his mouth to keep it open. What a novel idea, as he gargles and struggles to breathe as I pull his gag nice and tight.

I get him to make use of his tongue by licking my shoes. Then it’s time for my long awaited cigarette. As I light up and begin blowing my smoke into his face and mouth. My bitch will enjoy his punishment as he swallows all of my ash.

When I’m finished my cigarette, I stub it out in his throat and leave him to choke. It’s more fun having a human slut for a ashtray. I’ll keep him there for the rest of the day, or perhaps until I have no more cigarettes…

Length: 10min.
Size: 51 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Human Ashtray
Language: Italian

Mistress Gaia

Sweet Femdom – Sep 09, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:26:45

Final Emasculation Pegging with Amadahy

Added: 09-04-2017
– Length: 9 Mins:36 Secs

Amadahy just drained the fuck out Lance’s balls by teasing him relentlessly while keeping him plugged into her milking machine. The next phase of his emasculation treatment involves her fucking his ass with her strap-on.

She does this to make sure every drop of cum is extracted from his balls before she removes them. Fucking men in the ass normally gets one last load from them. Also, she just loves fucking men in the ass and calling them her sissy whore.

She has lance moaning with her big vibrating strap-on deep in his ass. Amadahy really knows how to work her cock. She whispers in his ear about how she’s going to take his balls soon as she gives him the sweet dick.

Amadahy has him flip over and orders him to stroke his cock one final time. “Be a good slut for Daddy” she says, “This is the last orgasm you’ll ever have [smile].”

She pounds his ass and commands him to keep stroking. “Your balls are mine. They’ll look so nice in my jar. I’m pushing out the very last drops of cum from them right now” she casually tells him as she fucks his ass.

As he blows a huge load all over his own pantyhose she reminds him that’s the last one he’ll ever have, then squeezes his balls. “Now it’s my turn! I wanna cum!” Amadahy keeps fucking his ass and then looks him in the eye while she holds his balls. “Now ask me to please take your balls.”

He begs him to take them while she squeezes and pokes his nuts.

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Amadahy

Sweet Femdom

Subby Hubby – Sep 08, 2017

Subby Hubby Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:24:09

Rikki Rumor’s Cuckold 5: Fucking BBC

Runtime: 07:17 | Release date: 09/08/2017

Description: Rikki Rumor is finally getting what she’s always wanted; deep fucking with a big satisfying cock. It’s been too long since she’s fucked someone of a decent size and this is just blowing her mind. Too long has she been denied pleasure by fucking her small husband and now he is watching her get what she needs.

He looks like he might cry, but Rikki pulls him closer so he can get a good view of how huge this big black cock is that is inside of her, pleasuring her. The stud cums all over Rikki’s sore pussy and she forces her husband to lick it all up.

Subby Hubby

Mistress Whiplash – Sep 08, 2017

Mistress Whiplash Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:18:52

Encased Leather Worship Slave

Published Thursday 7th of September 2017

Mistresses Fetish Liza and Vivienne L’Amour join me to torment our leather straightjacket-bound slave. He has a huge leather fetish and we are about to tease him to the edge of his tolerance by ordering him to worship every inch of our leather-clad bodies from booted feet upwards.

Keywords: heels, nikki, pvc & fetish, skirts and dresses, humiliating, foot worship, dungeon.

Mistress Whiplash

HumiliationPOV – Sep 08, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:16:36

Straight Men Do Not Buy Forced Bi Clips

September 8th, 2017 –
Category: Forced Bi

Princess Brittanya

If you bought this clip it’s because you’re gay. If you’re watching this it’s because you’re a faggot. Straight men do not buy f0rc3d bi clips. But little faggots like you who love getting f0rc3d do. Straight men don’t get f0rc3d into doing anything at all. And to be honest I don’t really have to f0rc3 you to do anything. You’re here so eagerly watching this clip. You bought it so willingly. So you might as well admit that you’re a big fucking faggot. Say it, say, ‘I’m a big fucking faggot.’

I like having fun with little faggots like you, little faggots who pretend that they’re straight. I know you keep it a secret from your family, your coworkers, and even your gf or wife, lol. But you and I both know that you love cock. You love stroking your cock to f0rc3d bi videos. You love stroking to porn, gay or straight, it doesn’t matter, either way you’re looking at the guy’s huge cock. Because you’re a faggot.

Jerk it faggot. Jerk it while you think about big hard cocks. I know you can only get hard for cock any more. I know how badly you want one in your mouth. I want you to jerk and suck on two fingers. Good fag. LOL look at you, you’re so pathetic! All you want is a big cock in your mouth. You want to suck it until it covers your face and mouth with cum. You just can’t wait to swallow it down. It turns you on so much. Admit it, you’d rather suck cock than lick pussy.

And I know that you’re such a faggot that cock in your mouth isn’t enough. You need it in the ass too. Yes I know how much that turns you on. You want a huge cock f0rc3d up that faggot ass of yours. So take those fingers you’ve been sucking on and put them up your ass as you jerk your cock. Oh yea, you fucking love that fag, don’t you?

Of course you do, faggots love having things up their assholes. Look at you, you’re definitely not straight. I’m going to make you cum while you think about cocks, while you fuck your ass with your fingers. LOL look at you, do you think straight men get off like this?


Femme Fatale Films – Sep 08, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:13:46

Slave In Waiting

Updated Today with Complete Film

Featuring Lady Mephista.

When the guy turned up for a job interview, he could never have imagined the elite position he was really being interviewed for! He thought he was applying to be a waiter, but Lady Mephista was working from a very different agenda… She decided he may be useful as a new slave object for her and so began his training.

Firstly he was made to wear a hood, to become a faceless being for her, then she roped him up to ensure absolute compliance. Testing for his suitabilty included heavy face slapping, spitting, foot and shoe worship… his new life and a more meaningful existence had begun…

Complete Duration: 18 mins 42 secs Photos: 13

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Sep 08, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:11:40

Pegging My Pet

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Friday, 8th September 2017 Part 2 of 2

Featuring Goddess Serena

Goddess Serena, wearing her jodhpurs, visits her locked up pet slave in the bondage house, explaining that she is going to fuck his mouth and ass for today’s training. He is dragged out and put on his knees as he gazes on her huge strapon, which she is soon thrusting into his eager mouth as he tries desperately to impress his Mistress.

Serena then beds him over and stretches his tight hole with her fingers, readying it for her big rubber dick, which is soon being guided in, as he moans with pleasure and pain. Slave is then bent over the bench as Goddess fucks him harder and harder until she is satisfied he knows his place in her World.


Caged Cock Torment

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Friday, 8th September 2017 Part 1 of 2

Featuring Mistress T

Mistress T looks amazing in her nylons and lingerie, her chastity slave is tied down on the bondage bench. She uses his tongue for oral worship, making her cum, his poor cock straining at the metal cage, much to her amusement. She enjoys making it grow harder and harder, licking the swollen member and rubbing the caged cock on her cunt.

The English Mansion

Chateau Cuir – Sep 08, 2017

Chateau Cuir Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:08:41

Leather lovers naughty phonecall

September 4, 2017, 8 mins 10 secs

Listen in to my conversation with my naughty leather slave. He is getting so very horny and desperate as I describe all the leathers that I am wearing. My long boots, my sexy Jitrois dress, mink trimmed gloves…the phone call gets very dirty and I love teasing him from a distance.

Contains: boots, gloves, dress, pantyhose, tease

Chateau Cuir

American Mean Girls – Sep 08, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:06:48

Slave Tryout Asian Brace Face

Princess Bella and Goddess Raven interview and test out a new slave in this behind the scenes look at an actual slave tryout. Princess Bella looks so authoritative and superior holding her clipboard as she interviews the slave to see what if any use he might be to them.

The slave is so inexperienced he can’t really do much but as long as he is very obedient, very respectful, and very thankful to be there they are willing to give him a shot and test him out to see what he can take. The slave asks if he should have a safe word and Princess Bella laughs telling him you can beg us to stop that’s your fucking safe word!

The slaves hands are cuffed overhead so he is helpless to defend himself as Princess Bella and Goddess Raven use floggers to whip the slave all over his twisting body. They make fun of the fact that he looks like a little boy because he still has braces and a tiny little Asian dick! They actually go easy on the first time slave because it’s ok to have limits as long as he follows the rules about being obedient, respectful, and thankful!

This is not a hardcore clip but if you have ever thought about applying to be a slave at Mean Girl Manor but hesitate because you have no experience or are a first time slave this will give you a good idea of what it would be like.

Overall, on a “slave scale” of 1-10, I give it a “5.”

American Mean Girls