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Yoo Girls – Sep 09, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:38:22

$ I am the beauty queen $

Added: 2017-09-08

The most beautiful, most perfekt and best goddess of all it’s ME – every sexretarded sucker knows. Modesty just doesn’t count to my strong points. I definitely can allow myself to be arrogant and this is exactly what you love me for.

I’m so adorable; even my beauty gets every loser down on his knees. Your head is also fucked to death and you can’t stop watching your queen. Damn right – no one else is living the moneydom lifestyle like I do!

$ Ich bin die Schönste $

Die schönste, perfekteste und beste Göttin bin ICH – das weiß jeder fickbehinderte Sackträger dieser Erde. Bescheidenheit zählt einfach nicht zu meinen Stärken – wozu auch? Ich kann es mir leisten arrogant zu sein und genau dafür liebst du mich.

Ich bin absolut anbetungswürdig, alleine meine Schönheit reicht aus um jeden von euch Losern in die Knie zu zwingen. Und auch um dich ist es längst geschehen: Angefixt, eingeritten und abgerichtet kannst du dich einfach nicht sattsehen an deiner Königin.

Ja Opfer, keine fickt dein Schweinehirn so geil kaputt wie ich es tue und lebt den Lifestyle einer echten Geldherrin!

Length: 5min.
Size: 398 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Humiliation
Language: German

$$ Princess Kitty $$

Sweet Femdom – Sep 09, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:30:36

Veruca James is Your Daddy

Added: 09-04-2017
– Length: 8 Mins:25 Secs

Veruca James is wearing a nylon bodysuit, heels and a big strap on cock. She has plans for you tonight. You are going to let her fuck your ass.

As she seduced you with her body, you start to call her Daddy and give her your slutty ass.

“Daddy just wants to make you feel good…”

Models Tagged: Veruca James

Sweet Femdom

Glove Mansion – Sep 09, 2017

Glove Mansion Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:28:04

Experimental dental handjob part 1

September 8, 2017, 9 mins 12 secs

Dentist Coco and Tina take on a very nervous patient and check his mouth for cavities with their surgically gloved hands. It seems the patient is starting to relax and he is enjoying the girls and the treatment he is getting…

Contains: masks, fitting, latex gloves, high heels, handjob, dentist

Glove Mansion

Femme Fatale Films – Sep 09, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:08:35

Over The Knee

Updated Today with Part 2 Of 2

Featuring The Hunteress.

The chastity slave claims to have been obedient and done as he’s told, however when The Hunteress considers extending his cock cage time, the slave’s negative response is not to her liking.

She decides punishment is in order, first with him over her knee for a hard spanking, then a variety of implements to finish him off.

Part 2 Duration: 6 mins 30 secs Photos: 17

Femme Fatale Films

Femdom Empire – Sep 09, 2017

Femdom Empire Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:05:56

Eat your cock snot

Date Added: September 7, 2017 |

13 min of video

Mistress Skyla thinks it is fun to turn guys into cum guzzling piggies. He is lying down with his legs over his head so that she can easily milk his cock into his mouth. She strokes his cock and takes a vibrator to it, he cannot resist her cock teasing.

He doesn’t want to cum because he knows he will have to eat it all up! She plays with his piggy tail and stroke him harder until he explodes all over himself. Lap it up cum piggy!

Femdom Empire

The English Mansion – Sep 09, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:04:16

Leg Show & Tell

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Saturday, 9th September 2017 Part 1 of 4

Featuring Miss Tiffany

Miss Tiffany runs a successful female led company and today she decides to put the new post room male employee in his place, with a well planned breaking and humiliation. When he enters her office, she starts to comment on his scruffy clothes, telling him how casual he looks and that a professional office needs smartly dressed people, if he wants to keep his job he will need to smarten up.

She demands he takes his clothes off, something he reluctantly and shyly does, in an effort to not be fired, pulling down his underpants and revealing his stiffening cock. Miss Tiffany makes him get on his knees and worship her stockings and bum until he is hard and then slaps his cock while verbally humiliating him.

Finally she gets him on his back and sits on his face as she slaps and rubs his cock until he shoots his cum, which is soon rubbed over his face, before sending him back to work, suitably humiliated.


Filthy Bi Xdressers

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Saturday, 9th September 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Mistress Pandora

This is an extremely filthy move featuring Mistress Pandora and her two slutty bi slaves. She starts off with then tied together, mouths sharing a gag, ordering them to gaze into each others eyes and to grope each other up sensually, rubbing their hands on bums and cocks under her beautiful vocal commands.

The slaves then take turns sucking cock and are then placed in a 69, so that Mistress can strapon fuck one as he sucks the other slut. The ultimate humiliation is to make one of the slaves fuck the other as she directs the actions, then making him cum in their mouth and snowball it together. Super filthy and not for the faint hearted!

The English Mansion

ElectroSluts – Sep 09, 2017

ElectroSluts Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 12:56:34

Blonde 4 Blonde: Spit, Squirt, and Body Shaking Orgasms

Date: September 7, 2017

With: Mona Wales, Cadence Lux

Tags: femdom, straight, lesbian, lesbian anal, LezDom, dominatrix, slave, Corporal Punishment, bdsm, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, humiliation, strap on, electrical play, electro dildo, electro clamp, electro plug, TENS Unit, Zapper, cattle prod, blonde, electricity, violet wand, vibrator, dildo, Hitachi, Feet

Cadence Lux returns in this sizzling Electrosluts update! Mona Wales knows exactly how Cadence fills her free time — masturbating to sexy women on the Internet and trying to get them to fuck her. In the first scene, Cadence is hooded, gagged, tied to a chair with her legs spread, decorated in copper bands hooked up to a tens unit.

Cadence loves electricity traveling through her limbs, and her moans increase as Mona continues to dial it up. Her pussy is wet before Mona even touches it. Mona makes this little whore squirt within the first 7 minutes and tell everyone just how much her pussy likes being stuffed and used. Mona zaps Cadence’s nipples and torments her with clit with vibration, before using the vibrator to squirt all over her eager slave.

Cadence degrades herself as Mona plays with her body, and both ladies’ lips meet in sloppy spit-filled make outs. Mona flogs Cadence’s tits before cranking up the electricity and leaving her slut to fry. Next, Cadence is tied on her hands and knees with conductive tubes wrapped around her cute feet and toes. Mona dials up the electricity and tickles Cadence’s sensitive feet.

She flogs and spanks Cadence’s ass red to warm her up for the electric metal dildo she shoves in Cadence’s hungry cunt. The sensation is overwhelming and Cadence is instantly ready to come. Her pussy gets juicier and juicier as Mona fucks her fast and spits all over her. Cadence comes hard as Mona turns the current higher and higher.

Then Mona lets her lucky slut lick her cunt, and comes all over her greedy face. She then fingers Cadence to more orgasms, and holds the hitachi to Cadence’s cunt. As Cadence comes, Mona shocks her ass all over with the zapper. Cadence screams and shakes as the orgasm and the zappers hit her at once. In the last scene, both ladies face off to see who can make the other orgasm first! Mona breaks out the violet wand and uses it all over Cadence’s body.

They both lick each other’s pussies and once Cadence comes, she owes Mona more orgasms. Mona is just as hungry to be stuffed as Cadence and has Cadence fist her. Mona comes hard all over Cadence’s fist, and then both blondes scissor with the hitachi. Cunts grinding together, both ladies come and squirt all over each other.


Dirty Dommes – Sep 09, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 12:53:55

Sounding by latex nurses

13 mins 25 secs

Therapy is needed for this slave! His cock is ready to be pumped until it is hard, his urethra will be stretched with our metal sounds! He will behave as the medical tool slides down his peehole and his balls get massaged. He knows this treatment is good for him.

Tags: ebony, double domination, high heels, pantyhose, latex, gloves, sounding

Dirty Dommes

Club Dom – Sep 09, 2017

Club Dom Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 12:50:25

School Girls From Hell 2: Fuck Machine

Runtime: 07:50 | Release date: 09/08/2017

Description: Evelin Stone and Kenzie Reeves are the two toughest girls in their school. They love using their gorgeous looks to get whatever they want. When approached by Toby and Steve, they decide to show them just how they are getting straight A’s this year.

They pull the boys into their dungeon. One boy escapes, but Steve is over powered and thrown into a cage. On top of the cage, the girls have their teacher bound and afraid. They have an injection which they give in straight into his balls.

If is to fuck the girls, and if he cums, his balls will shrivel up and wither away to nothing. He fucks Evelin good and hard after Kenzie rubs her tight young pussy all over his big cock.

Unfortunately for the teacher, he cums.

Club Dom

American Mean Girls – Sep 09, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 12:48:01

She Teases – I Deny

Princess Channel is sooo nice to you- she is actually going to let you stroke for us while kneeling before us and drooling over our beauty. But I am going to be telling you when to stop! The funny thing is, I’m a big talker so you are pretty much fucked when it comes to you cumming today lol.

Oh, and btw the only reason Chanel is going to even let you stroke your worthless cock is because she enjoys getting your hopes up- so she can watch me tear you down! Haha. It’s like she is the “tease” and I’m the “denial”.

Watch this clip and follow ALL our instructions, slave!!

-Superior Goddess Brooke

American Mean Girls