Push Your Limits, Feel The Rush, Playing It Safe Is So Boring

September 21st, 2017 –
Category: femdom pov

Goddess Paige

You always come back to me because I give you what you what you need. You thought you knew what you needed. But I know better. You need the thrill of being pushed past your limits. You made your boundaries clear, built out of fear and hesitation. I know how much you cling to them. But I also know how much you love when I push those limits. It’s not fun playing it safe because then you always know what to expect. How fucking boring. And you don’t want boring, you want the rush.

You want the thrill of seeing just how far you will go. You want to see just how far I will take you. You want the rush of not being in control. When you play it safe you’re only denying yourself, and you don’t want that. You want the rush of seeing what happens when you push yourself beyond your limits. You want to dance on the edge of ecstasy and ruination, not knowing whether pleasure or destruction awaits you. Isn’t that exciting?

Just thinking about it makes you cock throb. You ache for this. The thrill of danger. You know that I could destroy you. And yet you follow, mindlessly, helplessly, happily. Because you need that rush. You love the power I have over you, that’s the exciting part. Will I bring you pleasure or will I take away everything that you’ve known? That’s the fun, that’s the rush. Pushing your limits and showing you that you are capable of doing so much more.

You want to sacrifice everything for me. You want to be helplessly devoted, my obsessed little loser and I’m here to show you the way. I’m here to show you true pleasure, a pleasure that comes by not playing it safe, by taking a risk. Seeing just what will happen when I push your boundaries. Will I destroy you and all of your carefully preconceived ideas about yourself?

I will tear down everything that you are and build something better in its place. I will give you something so much better than you ever imagined. That’s the thrill pet. Dangerous excitement. Are you ready to find out just how far you will go? I will push every single one of your limits.