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Yoo Girls – Sep 22, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:28:04

Morgan’s Sweaty Feet Challenge

Added: 2017-09-22

Morgan is a true dominant Goddess and I am pretty sure you guys are very happy to see her back on our site! She just loves to dominate, and it shows. She loves the fact that this loser slave is actually ready to spend a lots of money just to have the privilege to sniff and lick her sweaty feet! She had worn the same pair of white socks for a full week before doing this private session so that was a really expensive session! She had to charge for every day that she actually worn them.

She said that she would love to watch a full movie with her sweaty feet on his face so the time of the session was actually set for two hours. Two hours with her sweaty socks and feet on his face, while watching a movie, and relaxing with a glass of wine. She also asked to have a really nice foot massage during the session since it was done after one of her long working day.

We also told her that if her socks would be too stinky and too smelly for the slave, she would get a bonus in cash, so she had worn them a lot, to get this bonus. So here we are now. Morgan gives the permission to her slave to take her sneakers off, then immediately covers his face with her sweaty white socks. The smell was really intense, but he just had no choice to deal with that smell since he paid a lots of money for this private session.

She makes him takes some deep breaths in her socks, and also makes him lick the dirty bottom of her socks, while just relaxing on the couch, and enjoys her Netflix session. Morgan is really intense in this clip, she wants to make sure he remembers that time with her sweaty feet on his face! She makes him sniff the inside of her sneakers, and hold her shoe on his face with her smelly feet on top of it!

Morgan also makes him take her dirty socks off, and smothers his face again with her sweaty naked feet! She makes him takes some deep breaths in her feet, and makes him lick the bottom of her feet on every angles. She wants to make sure they are perfectly cleaned after this session!

That was one of my all time favorite foot fetish session. No joke. I’ll remember that session with Morgan for the rest of my life! This clip is a must! The complete version of this clip is actually sixty four minutes, and I strongly recommend it. You won’t regret it.

Length: 12min.
Size: 645 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Socks
Language: English

Dreamgirls in Socks

Subby Hubby – Sep 22, 2017

Subby Hubby Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:25:34

Jamie Valentine’s Gorgeous Feet

Runtime: 04:29 | Release date: 09/22/2017

Description: Jamie has you weak for her feet. She knows you have a major foot fetish and hers are absolutely gorgeous. Jamie wants to control you with her gorgeous high arched feet and make you do everything she says. You better kiss them, suck on her toes.

Don’t you wish she was stroking you with her tan, pedicured feet? You cannot help but do as she says.

Subby Hubby

MistressT .net – Sep 22, 2017 Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:19:44

Small Penis Humiliation In Latex

Fri, 09/22/2017

Custom vid, no name mentioned. Do you have a small penis? How about an under-performing, worthless small penis? Erectile dysfunction? Do you compare yourself to big black cocks & know that you’ll never measure up? Perfect, this is the vid for you! Bonus if you also like me in latex & love my ass.

Length: 10 minutes

Ass Worship
Masturbation Instruction

HumiliationPOV – Sep 22, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:17:54

Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank

September 22nd, 2017 –
Category: Foot Domination

Miss Tiffany

You already know that every time you see me showing off my heels, you’re fucked. Just like that, you become my little foot zombie, addicted to my sexy heels and my perfect little feet. You can’t get enough of them. It’s so pathetic. And yet there you are, with your cock in your hand, jerking off to my feet. You’re jerking off to my sexy heels, something you’ve seen countless times, yet you’re such a little fucking zombie for them, your mind goes completely blank, and you just can’t stop mindlessly jerking. And when you get horny you feel this need to pay them again and again.

It’s so fucking easy getting into your mind with my sexy heels. I know how much my sexy pumps turn you on. You’re so weak for my feet, a mindless fucking zombie. You want to worship them so bad. You can’t look away. The thought of being in between my the sole of my foot and my high heel is too much for you. I know just the thought made your dick twitch. I control you with my feet so easily. And every time you see them you get weaker and weaker. I want you to beg me how to take my heels off because I know just how badly you want to see my bare feet. How badly you want to be underneath them. So beg like the needy little foot bitch that you are. Good boy.

My feet are just so fucking perfect. They own you. Being underneath my feet occupies your thoughts more than it should. My feet are flawless, that’s why you can’t help yourself. Get down your knees and worship my feet you little zombie. You’re so fixated on my feet and my toes, they completely own you. I know you’re getting weaker and weaker. That’s what happens to horny foot losers. You’re nothing but a mindless zombie for my feet, so eager to be under my feet.

My feet are the best thing to ever have happened to you. You need them. You crave them. My feet will remain imprinted on your mind, forever. It’s impossible to erase such perfection.


Femme Fatale Films – Sep 22, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:15:15


Updated Today with Part 1 Of 4

Featuring Lady Mephista.

Lady Mephista is extremely particular about the way any slave in her presence conducts themselves and their worship of her. Failure to do either to her exacting standards means swift and harsh punishment. The foot slave is first instructed to lick the dirt from the soles of her high heeled shoes.

He then has the good fortune to breathe the scent from her well worn shoes with each one smothering his face in turn. When Lady Mephista takes off her shoes and dips her hot and sweaty toes into his mouth, it is an honour few very get to experience, with only those most obedient ever being allowed such a great privilege.

Part 1 Duration: 5 mins 35 secs Photos: 18

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Sep 22, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:09:32

Courtneys Slave Toy

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Friday, 22nd September 2017 Part 1 of 5

Featuring Mistress Courtney

Miss Courtney chooses to let her slave out of the cage as she has some use for him. Her stunning thigh high boots are cleaned and worshipped by his tongue, as she encourages with a crop on his cock. Miss then decides to teases and torment him, as she uses the suspension to make him vulnerable to her touch and devious mind.

She ties up his cock and hangs weights of his balls before using the Erostek to shock his pulsing dick, pegs biting into his sensitive flesh. As a reward for his suffering, the Venus 2000 milking machine is put to use us his cock, teasing and edging over and over until she decides to deny, locking him back up, frustrated and suitably punished, until she wants to use him again.


Caged Cock Torment

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Friday, 22nd September 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Mistress T

Mistress T looks amazing in her nylons and lingerie, her chastity slave is tied down on the bondage bench. She uses his tongue for oral worship, making her cum, his poor cock straining at the metal cage, much to her amusement. She enjoys making it grow harder and harder, licking the swollen member and rubbing the caged cock on her cunt.

The English Mansion

ElectroSluts – Sep 22, 2017

ElectroSluts Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:06:01

Bella Rossi Submits to Veruca James and Mona Wales!

Date: September 21, 2017

With: Veruca James, Mona Wales, Bella Rossi

Tags: femdom, straight, lesbian, lesbian anal, LezDom, dominatrix, slave, Corporal Punishment, bdsm, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, humiliation, strap on, electrical play, electro dildo, electro clamp, electro plug, TENS Unit, Zapper, cattle prod, curvy, fear play, flogging, pain, suspension, violet wand, ass licking, kinky, takedown

Engrossed in a selfie session on the Electrosluts set, bombshell Bella Rossi is taken down by surprise by fellow dommes Veruca James and Mona wales. Veruca and Mona wrestle Bella to the ground and inundate her with zaps all over her curvy body. While bound by the hot dommes beautiful bodies, Bella submits to breath play and pussy licking before she’s made to come with the samurai on a stick.

Then Mona and Veruca continue their hazing with a firm flogging and a violet wand treatment while Bella is hanging from the ceiling in an inverted rope suspension with electrified sticky pads up and down her leg. While hanging upside down, Mona rides Bella’s face for an upside down pussy licking. Veruca gets in on the action receiving an enthusiastic ass licking.

The dommes bring Bella down for a final round of lesbian electro sex and Mona finger fucks her hard while Veruca shocks her butthole with her fingers electrified by the violet wand touch plate. The session ends with some extreme fear play where the dommes exploit Bella intense fear of the cattle prod. A good time is had by all and Bella leaves a satisfied cum drunk electro slut!


Club Dom – Sep 22, 2017

Club Dom Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:03:41

Made to Suffer

Runtime: 08:33 | Release date: 09/22/2017

Description: The slave needs to suffer even more if he is to please the She-Gods Mistress Kendra James and Goddess Brianna. The Mistresses take turns whipping his back to ribbons with wonderful aim and accuracy.

The slave suffers with every lash and the women grin and yell at him to suffer even more. He is shredded by the time they are finished and the women admire their handy-work. All slaves must suffer to the will of the She-Gods.

Club Dom

American Mean Girls – Sep 22, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 16:58:36

Jerk Zombie

We are taking over complete control of your cock. But don’t worry we like it when you jerk off to us. In fact we want you to jerk off to us even more than you already do. We will put you in a trance that will brainwash you turning you into our mindless jerk zombie.

We will take over your thoughts and your mind and soon you won’t be able to ever stop stroking.

American Mean Girls