Courtneys Slave Toy

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Friday, 22nd September 2017 Part 1 of 5

Featuring Mistress Courtney

Miss Courtney chooses to let her slave out of the cage as she has some use for him. Her stunning thigh high boots are cleaned and worshipped by his tongue, as she encourages with a crop on his cock. Miss then decides to teases and torment him, as she uses the suspension to make him vulnerable to her touch and devious mind.

She ties up his cock and hangs weights of his balls before using the Erostek to shock his pulsing dick, pegs biting into his sensitive flesh. As a reward for his suffering, the Venus 2000 milking machine is put to use us his cock, teasing and edging over and over until she decides to deny, locking him back up, frustrated and suitably punished, until she wants to use him again.


Caged Cock Torment

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Friday, 22nd September 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Mistress T

Mistress T looks amazing in her nylons and lingerie, her chastity slave is tied down on the bondage bench. She uses his tongue for oral worship, making her cum, his poor cock straining at the metal cage, much to her amusement. She enjoys making it grow harder and harder, licking the swollen member and rubbing the caged cock on her cunt.

The English Mansion