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Yoo Girls – Sep 24, 2017

Yoo Girls Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:23:53

Hello human ashtray

Added: 2017-09-23

You are my human ashtray. I will train you as such. Subduing you with my magnificent curves and compelling you into a bad habit that you are powerless to resist. You will do my bidding as an object. Just an ashtray. Taking in all my fumes, my ash, even down to the cigarette butt! Making sure to lick it off the floor if any ash falls.

Deny yourself for me. Pay to be my human ashtray now and forever.

Length: 6min.
Size: 429 MB
Format: mp4
Category: Financial Domination
Language: English

Financial Ruination Ava Black style

Whipped Ass – Sep 24, 2017

Whipped Ass Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:21:30

Model Student: Disobedient Bianca Stone Whipped Into Shape by Lea Lexis

Date: September 14, 2017

With: Bianca Stone, Lea Lexis

Tags: femdom, straight, lesbian, lesbian anal, LezDom, dominatrix, slave, Corporal Punishment, bdsm, Pussy Eating, Face Sitting, humiliation, Fingering, bondage, strap on, suspension, vibrator

The slender and sexy Bianca Stone thinks she has what it takes to be a model, without putting in the effort. But her instructor Lea Lexis isn’t having it. She dismisses her other students, and immediately takes Bianca to task for her sloppy attitude, running her through the motions to turn her into the perfect, slutty video girl.

First she focuses on posture, making Bianca hold various positions while she spanks her perfect ass, finger fucks her deep slutty pussy, and crops her. When Bianca is anything other than perfect she gets punished.

She is then put into a full suspension, dangling head-down from one ankle, while Lea flogs her and spanks her. Lea lets her down partially only to continue finger fucking her, and then sits on her face, using Bianca’s hungry tongue to cum.

As further humiliation she flogs her again for her efforts! Finally, Bianca is gagged and chained, while Lea shoves a plug up her ass and fucks her dripping pussy with a strap on.

Bianca is thrilled to cum as Lea flips her over and fucks her ass, letting her please herself with a vibrator as she takes that long hard fucking. Does Bianca learn her lesson?

Does she get to be one of Lea’s whorish video girls? You bet she does!

Whipped Ass

HumiliationPOV – Sep 24, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:18:57

Jerk Off To How Pathetic You Really Are, As I Verbally Tear You Apart

September 23rd, 2017 –
Category: Jerk Off Instruction

Princess Candy Glitter

You just love touching yourself. You love playing with that pathetic cock of yours. It’s the only thing that truly brings you pleasure. You can’t stop, you can’t stop pumping yourself while being degraded by hot girls. It’s an endless cycle. And this is it for you. You offer nothing to this world, you’re just a dead end jerkoff. Nothing more than a jerkaholic, touching yourself over and over. It’s the only thing that you’re good at.

Your life is going no where. You spend all of your time jerking off to women who fucking hate you. Loser. You are the definition of a loser. Always lusting after women who would never touch you. Your life is so pathetic. But I love laughing at it, at you. You’re obsessed with hot, bratty girls, you beat your cock to them day after day. You are pathetic, trapped in an endless cycle of jerking and being humiliated and cumming and then repeating this process every day of your life.

You have no value. You’re a little jerk puppet. Your brain just turns to mush every time you jerk, you get so stupid. I know you’ve had the thought that one day you’ll stop obsessively jerking your dick and actually do something with your life but I am here to remind you that will never happen. This is your fucking life loser. Pumping your cock and being degraded by hot girls who hate you. This is what your life has amounted to.

For most men their jerkoff habits don’t define them, but that’s not true for you. Because you are a fucking jerkoff loser, a pathetic jerkaholic whose life has no other meaning. I know you’re pumping so fast right now because it turns you on to hear how pathetic you are. It turns you on to jerk off to the truth. This isn’t a fucking fantasy, you really are a loser. Jerkoff, your life is going nowhere. Jerkoff while you think about the fact that your life is worthless. You are a dead end jerkoff loser. Pump that worthless dick. Things will never change for you. This is who you are. Accept the fact that this is a cycle that will never end.

You will always come back for more. This is it for you. Your life has no other meaning. If you had anything better to do, do you think you’d really be here watching this? Do you really think you’d be so hard right now if what I am saying weren’t true? You are fucking worthless! You’re a pathetic jerkaholic. Really.


Femme Fatale Films – Sep 24, 2017

Femme Fatale Films Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:16:35

Tongue For Boots

Updated Today with Part 1 Of 3

Featuring The Hunteress.

The slave is only released from his cage when The Hunteress decides he might be of some use… On this occasion she needs her boots cleaned and cleaned properly! Unfortunately for the slave his performance is not quite up to scratch, so the highly accomplished CP arm of Hunteress law swings into action for an extreme back whipping and ass punishment session this boot slave will not forget!

Part 1 Duration: 6 mins 5 secs Photos: 15

Femme Fatale Films

The English Mansion – Sep 24, 2017

The English Mansion Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:14:52

Beauty & Cruelty

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 24th September 2017 Part 3 of 4

Featuring Goddess Serena

Goddess Serena visits her slave who is locked away in the slave compound grounds, isolated and broken, he eagerly awaits any attention she gives him. His tongue is put to use, cleaning her leather boots before he is dragged out, his humbled balls tormented by her sharp heels as he is dragged to the whipping post.

He is given his daily food ration, prechewed and spat out by Mistress as he eagerly eats it from the bottom of her superior boots. Finally he gets the attention of her floggers as he is expertly whipped, thanking her repeatedly for the honour of being her slave.


Kinky Threesome

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 24th September 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Miss Suzie & Miss Vivienne lAmour

Suzie has seen that her boyfriend has been watching kinky porn so decides to have some fun with him. She ties him up in bondage for the first time and starts to tease him before springing a surprise and bringing in one of her innocent best friends Viv and having their first threesome together.

The girls make out and lick each other as the boyfriend cock strains with desire, as it is licked and fucked in a hot kinky threesome.

The English Mansion

Club Stiletto – Sep 24, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:12:03

The Stress Test

New for September 21 (8 minute Video)

Nothing can take Miss Jasmine’s stress away like sitting on some wimp’s face and feeling him fight for oxygen. Her everyday annoyances disappear just like his breath underneath her pantyhose ass.

Jasmine treats this slave like the piece of furniture he is and punishes him for trying to cheat by slapping his cock and balls. His face and nose also belong to her, even if he recently broke his nose. Slave can hold his breath for a long time but there’s always room for improvement and additional lung capacity.

Wanna impress Jasmine? This won’t be easy.

Club Stiletto

American Mean Girls – Sep 24, 2017

American Mean Girls Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:10:03

Beverly’s Gurls

I don’t know if you know or not but I have an army of sissy sluts working for me. I could even start my own whore house if I wanted to. I’ll call them Beverly’s gurls and your my new trainee. I’m going to tell you everything your sissy-mind needs to know to be a bimbo whore for me. After this clip you will never be the same again.

American Mean Girls