Beauty & Cruelty

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 24th September 2017 Part 3 of 4

Featuring Goddess Serena

Goddess Serena visits her slave who is locked away in the slave compound grounds, isolated and broken, he eagerly awaits any attention she gives him. His tongue is put to use, cleaning her leather boots before he is dragged out, his humbled balls tormented by her sharp heels as he is dragged to the whipping post.

He is given his daily food ration, prechewed and spat out by Mistress as he eagerly eats it from the bottom of her superior boots. Finally he gets the attention of her floggers as he is expertly whipped, thanking her repeatedly for the honour of being her slave.


Kinky Threesome

Movie Update Today’s Movie – Sunday, 24th September 2017 Complete Movie

Featuring Miss Suzie & Miss Vivienne lAmour

Suzie has seen that her boyfriend has been watching kinky porn so decides to have some fun with him. She ties him up in bondage for the first time and starts to tease him before springing a surprise and bringing in one of her innocent best friends Viv and having their first threesome together.

The girls make out and lick each other as the boyfriend cock strains with desire, as it is licked and fucked in a hot kinky threesome.

The English Mansion