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Club Stiletto – Sep 24, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:12:03

The Stress Test

New for September 21 (8 minute Video)

Nothing can take Miss Jasmine’s stress away like sitting on some wimp’s face and feeling him fight for oxygen. Her everyday annoyances disappear just like his breath underneath her pantyhose ass.

Jasmine treats this slave like the piece of furniture he is and punishes him for trying to cheat by slapping his cock and balls. His face and nose also belong to her, even if he recently broke his nose. Slave can hold his breath for a long time but there’s always room for improvement and additional lung capacity.

Wanna impress Jasmine? This won’t be easy.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Sep 20, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Wed, September 20, 2017 17:07:57

Less Talking And More Barking

New for September 17 (7 minute Video)

Although Kandy and Ruby are two super smart women employed by the corporation, they’ve been constantly overlooked for promotion. They eventually find out why. A group of men, including the CEO and Accountant, were cooking the books and skimming off the top. In order for the men to avoid getting busted and facing possible jail time, they’re forced into a life of servitude, where they must do exactly as the Ladies demand or have their misdeeds exposed to the law and to their families. The Women are in charge now, and when the men aren’t pushing pencils, they’re spending time in the all women’s staff room being used and abused.

In this scene, Kandy and Ruby walk in on the slaves, who are discussing a plan to take back control. The CEO has unzipped the mouth on his dawg mask, and reclines in a relaxed position, as if he’s back in charge. Reality sets in as the girls crack the whip, and soon the CEO is back on all fours, falling back into line. They deny they were scheming to take back the office, but when Kandy says that the first one to tell the truth will not be punished, both slaves quickly point the finger at each other.

Not knowing who to blame, the Ladies decide to punish and humiliate both of these unfortunate individuals. The caged slave has to position his ass right up against the bars of the cage while the CEO dawg is ordered to sniff his ass. “Your CEO days are gone” Ruby tells her slave, “You are now nothing but an ass sniffing dawg.” The caged slave is humiliated about his small cock, and the Ladies question whether he’s even the father of his kids.

They suggest that his wife has lovers on the side who are probably the dads. They make him stroke himself, and his cock is so small he only uses two fingers to do it, while the dawg is forced to sniff the other slave’s ass again. “And no more office scheming” says Ruby.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Sep 11, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Mon, September 11, 2017 17:09:22

Boy From The Box

New for September 8 (11 minutes)

Sexy Lady Bellatrix lies on the bed, running her hands up and down her sexy PVC boots, when she notices you. “Hello there bootlicker” she says. She tells you to admire her shiny thigh high boots and stretches one leg straight up into the air, giving you a very nice visual.

She explains that you will be worshipping her boots and points to where you’ll start and how your filthy slave tongue will cover every inch. She suddenly remembers that she actually has a slave in her naughty box, right beneath her feet (the slave was locked in the box for over two hours to ensure the scene looked authentic).

She opens it up and he’s definitely filling the box completely; his hours in there have most certainly not been comfortable. She instructs him to get out of the box and kneel in front of her. She wants to hear him tell her how he likes her boots. She puts the bitch to work licking every inch, much as you would do, had you been the chosen one.

She has him spend a fair bit of time sucking on the stilettos and humiliates him by having him make blow job noises. She grabs him by his hair and guides his head up and down the sides of the boots until they’re cleaned to her satisfaction. She locks the slave back in the box and leaves for an evening out with her girlfriends.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Sep 04, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Mon, September 04, 2017 18:46:37

Sounding The Gimp

New for September 3 (10 minute Video)

It’s no secrets that Miss Jasmine really enjoys hurting, humiliating and teasing slaves.

The new slave is strapped to a bondage chair wearing a chastity cage and rubber mouth gag which also acts as a urinal. He is blindfolded and Jasmine caresses him in her sexy lingerie but ‘accidentally’ steps on his foot in her high heels making him scream… which makes her laugh.

After a bit of teasing She tells him that she is going to be sounding his cock (his first time) with a bit of spicy thai chilli oil. Poor loser squeals like the bitch he just from the mention of it and screams loudly when it actually happens.

Annoyed by his screaming she decides he might be more useful as a toilet slave. At the end of of the day what makes him useful and entertaining to her is his suffering and his role as a human toilet.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Sep 03, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sun, September 03, 2017 16:08:28

Special Needs Cock Sucker

New for September 2 (7 minute Video)

This scene clearly demonstrates that Club Stiletto doesn’t have an ounce of dignity, morality or decency. We thrive on the taboo.

The gorgeous Mistresses take a poor retarded special needs person and make him suck another man’s cock while they humiliate him, tease him, scorn him, make fun of him, criticize him and do any other depraved thing they can think of to him for their afternoon entertainment.

The unlucky bastard is gagging and coughing as they push his head deeper and deeper on the cock without mercy. In fact, the harder he struggles, the more they enjoy themselves.

This scene is destined to be another ClubStiletto Classic.


Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Sep 02, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sat, September 02, 2017 18:00:59

Kiss And Suck My Bunions

New for August 31 (6 minute Video)

It’s been a long day for Skylar and now she is relaxing with her slave at her feet and she needs him to attend to them as they have covered a lot of ground in her 6” stilettos. She dangles the shoe and has him sniff between her sole and the shoe. “My feet are so sore, I think I’m starting to develop bunions” she says, then tells him to suck on it as he removes the first show.

Over the course of the next few minutes the slave licks her soles, sucks her toes, and licks between them. He also uses his hands to massage her feet. “I think I should really have two slaves here” she says, “after all I do have two feet”. She then pulls her breast from her clothing and says that if she had a third slave she’d make the best one suck on her nipples. “Who wouldn’t want to” she says, then looks at you and says “Wouldn’t you?”

She then advises her slave to work hard at her feet and if he does a good job he might be lucky enough to be her tit slave some day. The obedient slave gets lost in the worship of her feet and is a good example of what a true devoted slave looks like. Skylar decides to have a nap and leaves the slave to his task at hand.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Aug 26, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 14:36:20

Foot Bitch Blows A Load

New for August 23 (8 minute Video)

Goddess Mia and Russian Queen M have their slave locked up in the floor box and walk all over him. He has to lick and suck their feet and also be abused by them. M decides the slave must have a dry mouth from all that licking so she gives him a couple good drinks by taking water in her mouth and spitting it into his.

Eventually they decide they are going to let the slave shoot a load… if he can do it on the count of 15. Who wouldn’t shoot a huge load after sucking and licking the gorgeous feet and toes of these two young Goddesses?

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Aug 11, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Fri, August 11, 2017 17:16:04

Look What I Wore To School Daddy

New for August 11 (6 minute Video)

Mia has endured years with a demanding step-daddy but things have changed. She got pics of him sniffing and sucking her worn panties and now she is in charge… either that or she tells mom everything. This a hot POV with hot school girl Mia totally in charge and talking to you, her step-father. “Remember how you used to get so upset when I wouldn’t cover myself properly” she says, sitting now in front of you in nothing but bra and panties, stockings, 7” ‘cum fuck me’ stiletto’s and the tiniest of skirts, “Now, look what I wore to school today”.

The camera scans back to give you a full view as she turns her amazing ass towards you. She tells you she always knew you were a pervert which is why she set up the hidden camera in her closest. She reminds you that she can show the video to mommy at anytime and then it’s game over for him. “And that’s why you’re now my slave” she giggles.

She reminds you that you do whatever she says and that she has a lot of homework you will need to start on. “My marks have gone up and I plan on remaining an A student”, she informs you. She always says she doesn’t see why she should be giving the teachers blow jobs to get better marks when you can insure her papers are all perfect. “Although there are a few I don’t mind giving blowjobs to” she adds. She then adds that she got into trouble with the Principal today for her attire and she will need you to go talk to him to straighten things out.

She stands up and turns her ass to the camera and says the Principal thinks her skirt is to short but she thinks it’s fine. Her entire ass is exposed which only gets you erect while you try to think how you will get this resolved. She teases you with her ass and asks what you think, wondering if to much of her ass is showing. The camera moves up and down her body and she looks irresistible. “You do want to please me, don’t you daddy” she says, sticking her hand into her panties to touch herself.

Looking down on you she mentions that she is now lining guys up to come over and fuck her and when she sees you do not approve she reminds you what she can do to you if necessary. She tells you that you will prepare the room for her, make the bed, dim the lights and if any of her young studs want him to fluff them he will have to do that too. She then brings her pussy towards you and tells you to sniff her panties, she turns so you can sniff them both front and back. Her ass is only inches from your face.

If only your wife’s ass was this hot you might not find yourself in this horrible jam now. She asks which side of her panties you liked to sniff most and reminds you how it has got you into such trouble. She then tells you she is going to sit on your face and brings her ass down onto your head. She asks if you had fantasized about fucking her and wonders what mommy would think. “You are so disgusting daddy, my complete slave, now I’m going to piss all over you”, she says standing up and pulling on her panties.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Aug 10, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Thu, August 10, 2017 18:07:17

Pay To Sniff My Ass With Your Balls

New for August 9 (6 minute Video)

Goddess Mia is napping on the couch while her slave kneels naked and waits for her to awake. As she wakes up she glances over and says, “I forgot I even had you here, and I promised to bust your balls didn’t I?” She slaps his balls, tugs on his cock and tells him it’s small and useless.

As a punishment for having a small cock she slaps it repeatedly. Meanwhile, the camera scrolls down to give you a great view of Mia’s soles and her divine bubble butt. As she continues to tug and slap the slaves cock he ends up getting rock hard… the true subs always do, they know they need to be used and abused by superior women. As Mia sits up she tells the slave to hold his cock up and out of the way.

She squeezes his balls and then surprises him with a harsh underhand slap. She torments him and calls him names to go along with the physical assault on his cock and balls. She slaps his cock and makes it bounce up and down.

She then turns and slams her beautiful ass into his face and just when he is starting to enjoy it she reaches down and pulls for all she is worth on his cock. If he wants to sniff her ass he has to pay for it and since he has no money he will pay with his balls… and cock.

Now Mia is abusing his cock and balls and slamming her ass into his face, so much so his head is bouncing around like a bingo ball. She sits up and slaps his face and then tells him to crawl behind her as she’s taking him upstairs to sit on his face.

Club Stiletto

Club Stiletto – Aug 07, 2017

Club Stiletto Posted on Mon, August 07, 2017 18:27:04

Double The Fun For A Strong Pony

New for August 6 (5 minute Video)

Kandy has mounted her young strong pony and has him climb about 40 steps to the back alley of the property where she is taking him out for a ride, along with Miss Jasmine, both ladies in sexy bikini’s.

After a time Kandy has the pony go down to his knees so Jasmine can take him for a ride. As it turns out the trip back is uphill and the asphalt is hot. What to do? They decide they will both ride him at the same time. What a show of endurance by this pony who just wants to please his Mistresses.

Club Stiletto

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