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Cruel Girlfriend – Jul 10, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Mon, July 10, 2017 18:28:00

Hump Stuff For The Mean Girls

Emma Green, Kaitlin Grey
– 09/07/2017 – 10 minutes

Laughing at losers hump stuff for us is one of our favourite ways of humiliating you rejects. I mean it must be one of the most soul crushing feelings for you retards – kneeling there in front of two beautiful Alpha females with your cock buried inside a pillow or a plastic pussy looking up at us with your stupid red face waiting for us to verbally abuse you or slap you or spit on you.

Is this what your pathetic life has come to? Is this what you’ve had to come to accept as your sex life? You’ve finally realised that hot popular girls like us DO NOT want to fuck weak submissive beta males like you so the best you can hope for is being the object of ridicule in one of our mean girl entertainment games.

You have been defeated by the constant rejection from the pretty girls you love so much. You’ve given up on asking us out on dates because you know you’ll get that familiar disgusted sneer. You know the only way you can put a smile on a hot girl’s face is by being TOTALLY humiliated for our amusement.

That’s why you’re going to hump a pillow for us today – right at our pretty feet while we verbally berate you and spit on you. Haha! All while you’re puffing and panting as you fuck your little pillow girlfriend we’re going to be laughing and drenching your ugly red face with our mean girl spit.

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jul 09, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Sun, July 09, 2017 11:54:43

Sissy Humiliation Dare Game

Princess Aurora
– 07/07/2017 – 16 minutes

You’re going to download this clip to your mobile device – this isn’t a clip to sit in front of your PC jerking off to – this is a real-life interactive dare game. The object of this game is to humiliate you as much as possible – the more humiliation you take the more sissy-points you earn and we’ll see which of you can earn the most!

You’re going to go to the mall – dressed in your everyday male clothes with this clip ready to play, your earphone in and I’ll dare you to humiliate yourself. We’ll start off with an soft task to get you warmed up – earn yourself an easy 2 points by completing your first sissy humiliation dare and then we’ll see if you’re ready to take some serious humiliation.

I’m going to dare you to do something emasculating – you’ll either pause the clip while you attempt to complete your public sissy assignment and earn sissy points or you’ll skip to the next dare in the hope it’ll be less embarrassing… which it absolutely won’t be. Each dare is going to take you deeper and deeper into a pit of humiliation.

Each dare will force you to suffer the crushing giggles from the pretty mall girls, the looks of disgust from hot sales assistants, the cruel comments, pointing and insults from hot girls shopping with their alpha boyfriends.

But you’ll keep humiliating yourself for my dare game just to earn a few more points to win the award no real man would ever want – sissy humiliation champion! So if you’re ready – let’s play!..

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jul 05, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Wed, July 05, 2017 19:21:53

You’re In Chastity – Wifey’s In Trouble

Jaye Rose
– 03/07/2017 – 11 minutes

Your poor wife must have really suffered since I locked you up in chastity. The poor girl has her needs and just because you’ve been banned from having any sexual relief it’s not fair that wifey has to go without too. Don’t you agree? Well there’s no way I’m going to unlock you – it’s way too much fun keeping married losers caged away from their own wives so I’ve had to think up a new solution.

Your pretty wife may well have been suffering with frustration while you’ve been all locked up but that’s nothing compared to the suffering she’s going through right now! We’ve taken your horny little wife to a filthy basement and she’s going through the hardest abuse she could ever imagine. She’s naked and tied to a fuck-bench with her mouth gagged wide open.

She’s being trained to be our new whore and we’re giving her the most degrading of inductions. I’ve let an endless queue of strangers loose on her and she’s been taking cock in every hole for hours now. She’s been fucked over and over by so many guys – she’s covered in cum and spit and her own drool.

It’s so funny to think that you’re not getting any sex at all but your poor wife is getting more than she could ever have imagined possible. We’re going to make so much money from your little princess – and after she’s finished her brutal training you’re going to be made to drop her off to the basement every week so she can keep earning more cash for us.

She’s not your little princess any more – she’s our whore.

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jul 03, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Mon, July 03, 2017 18:19:24

Saved For Someone Special

Maddie Parker
– 01/07/2017 – 9 minutes

I can’t believe you’re still a virgin! You know that’s weird, right? You’ve been saving yourself for that ‘special someone’ – ME of course! Are you sure you want to lose your virginity today? Y’know if I’m going to allow your virgin cock to touch me then you’ve gotta wear these handcuffs – just slip your hands through and ‘CLICK’ Haha – OMG you’re so fucking easy!

Did you seriously think a hot girl like me would fuck a disgusting, pathetic, virgin loser like you? Ew, no way fucktard. Girls like me only fuck hot guys with huge cocks who know what they’re doing and wimps like you get used and ABUSED, and that’s exactly what’s going to happen to you. I know you were hoping to lose your virginity to a hot girl on a special day, but that’s all going to change.

I’m sure you planned in your head exactly how everything was going to go but we’re going to detour a little from your plans, loser. You see, I found out that some guys would pay huge amounts of money to fuck a virgin little bitch like you. so, I put a little ad online and a few guys got in touch.

They didn’t seem the friendliest of guys but they were willing to pay a LOT of money to make your first time a GAY one! They’re going to fuck you exactly how they want to. If they are paying this much money for your tight little virgin ass, they want to be able to fuck you their way. Hard, fast and with no mercy.

You’re going to have to hold back your tears little virgin wimp as they slide their huge monster cocks into every one of your virgin holes. Don’t worry, I’ll be stood in the corner while you get fucked counting all my money.

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jul 01, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Sat, July 01, 2017 13:52:44

Your First Hours As A Girl

Stay calm – We are here to help. If you’re watching this video clip it’s because you are fortunate enough to have survived your extreme feminisation surgery. You’re alive so you already have something to celebrate!

Firstly, we’ll explain what has happened to you. You were sent to us for permanent feminisation. The reason could be one of many, sometimes it’s revenge by a scorned ex-wife or girlfriend, sometimes it’s for sex-trafficking purposes. The reason is not important to us but will be displayed at the bottom of your screen.

After your arrival, the person financing your feminisation is asked to make a number of choices relating to your feminisation – the results of their choices will be displayed on your screen now. You were selected for the total bimbofication surgery which means you have been given an extreme body shape, huge tits, a tiny waist, big lips, a cute ass and an ultra-feminine face.

The surgery, you may be upset to learn, is completely irreversible. You are, to all effect, a real girl now. Your first hours are going to be a shock, but soon we will teach you to walk like a girl, talk like a girl, how to do your makeup and of course we’ll coach you through all the ways you will be expected to please a man.

You’ll be taught how to dress, how to flirt, how to suck cock and of course how to make a man cum. What is most important for you now is to quickly accept your old life as a man is over. You are a girl now – and there’s no going back. Your new girl name will be displayed on the screen now. T

hank you for watching and welcome to your new PERMANENTLY FEMINISED life.

Jessie Jensen, Maxie Rhoads

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jun 29, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Thu, June 29, 2017 18:32:13

Swallow Your Own Chastity Key

Kayla Louise
– 26/06/2017 – 10 minutes

You’ve done as you were told and bought the chastity device? You’ve snapped the lock shut and have been teasing and tormenting yourself by watching all the humili-porn your poor little cock can take huh? I know I’m right loser! I know your beta wimp-dick is straining inside that device and leaking precum.

You’ve got yourself so frustrated and submissive watching clip after clip of Cruel Girlfriends humiliating you, laughing at you and telling you EXACTLY why a loser like you should stay caged away in chastity for the rest of your pathetic life. This is your routine now isn’t it?

You lock yourself up in your new device and watch us unobtainably beautiful girls ridicule you until you can’t take any more and you unlock yourself – allowing you access to that feeble cock to jerk yourself to a humiliation-enhanced loser-gasm! Not this time loser.

This time, instead of just listening to what I’m telling you – you’re going to do what I tell you to do. Fetch the key to your chastity device and fetch a nice big dildo. You’re gonna put the key to your chastity device on your tongue and fuck your faggot ass with the dildo while you watch this clip.

This time, loser, you don’t get to unlock your device and jerk yourself off – deep down you know you don’t deserve that so this time, just as you’re about to cum from your humiliating anal-orgasm, just when you know you’re about to spasm out a shameful sissy-gasm and you’ve reached the point of no-return I want you to swallow your key!

Swallow it and then wash it down with your own cum – scooped from the end of your caged cock.

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jun 27, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Tue, June 27, 2017 19:24:38

Crybaby Cuckold Chooses My Outfit

Kaitlin Grey
25/06/2017 – 11 minutes

So I’d like your opinion on this outfit cucky. Is it short enough? Does it show enough? Will all the boys want to fuck me? Haha! Aww am I teasing you cucky? Are you sad that the only time you get to see me wearing something as hot as this is when I’m getting ready for other men?

I know it’s cruel to torment you like this but it’s so much fun for me. I love to make you help me find the sluttiest, most revealing, cock-teasing outfits for me to wear to the club. I love you to know I’m going to throw myself at all the boys, let them touch me, and grope me while you’re staying at home locked in chastity. I love you to see all the EXTRA effort I make for the guys I cheat on you with.

I get such a kick out of seeing your heartbroken cuckold face, with crybaby tears in your eyes as I leave you (and my panties) behind! You know how much I love the attention when I go out in my micro skirts and my high heels and my tiny tops and I love being a total slut! I want to send you photos of me with a whole bunch of guys all over me – with their hands inside the cute outfit you chose for me.

I love to get guys to send you video messages of me sucking on their big cocks in the bathroom – I love it when they tell you they’ve got your girlfriend and they’re going to bring her back to fuck her! I love strangers to know I cuckold my boyfriend and that you’re waiting for me at home with your cock locked away in a cage.

Best of all – I love them to know I made you pick out the outfit I’m wearing just for them – I want them to know you help me look like a total slut – all for them!

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jun 24, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Sat, June 24, 2017 17:18:06

Sissified, Plugged, And Made To Eat Cum

Princess Aurora
– 23/06/2017 – 13 minutes

Emasculating humili-porn junkies like you is the only way you deserve to experience any form of pleasure. The thought of allowing a beta wimp like you, who gets his kicks out of hot popular girls like me being mean and talking down to you, a full-on jerk off orgasm makes me feel sick!

You don’t deserve that and you know it – we ALL know it! If you want to cum so much it’s going to be humiliating for you. For a start you’re going to be wearing girly clothes – pinks, satins maybe or something slutty or frilly and prissy – whatever makes you feel the most submissive and ridiculous! Put some panties on and then find your sissy uniform and heels before you go any further!

Then when you’re all dressed up like the fairy you are you can grab a nice big butt-plug and slip it under the soft, delicate fabric of your emasculation-panties and push it up inside your sissy-hole. ALL THE WAY IN sissy! Good girl – now you’re ready.

Now that you’re all feminized in girls clothes with a big fat plug pushed all the way inside your ass and kept in place by the pair of girls panties you have on – you’re ready to get yourself off. Well almost sissy – you just need to get yourself into your favourite position – you know what to do – flip your legs over your head.

Way back over so your pantied cock is pointing at your own face. Now you’re ready! Now you can jerk off and accept that this is the pathetic, ridiculous spectacle your sex life has become – sissified, plugged and waiting for your own cum to splatter your face and fill your mouth.

You’ll swallow won’t you, sissy? Of course you will!

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jun 22, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Thu, June 22, 2017 17:37:22

You Only Get To Cum When Girled

Your status has been reduced to sissy which means we need to set some ground rules. The most important thing you need to understand is that sissies do not get to cum like real men get to cum. Sissies ONLY get to cum when they’ve been girled and I don’t mean you can just slip on a pair of jerk-off panties and pump your limp cock until you fill your pretty pink lingerie with sissy-slime. Nah-ha pantyboy.

If you’re horny and desperate to cum you’re going to have to get properly girled. Think of it as getting yourself ready for a special date with a real man. You’ll make sure your body is TOTALLY hairless and silky smooth. You’ll wear your best, most expensive lingerie and spray your beautifully feminine perfume all over. You’ll fix your makeup perfectly – I want you to look totally flawless!

Next you’ll pick your sissy-gasm outfit. To start with I want you to associate shame and humiliation with your sissy-gasms so you’ll wear highly effeminate, submissive uniforms like French maids uniforms or schoolgirl uniforms but eventually you’ll be allowed to wear cute dresses and clubbing outfits.

Finally you’ll step into your prettiest heels and fix a long beautiful wig on your head. You’re going to look SO pretty! You’re going to spend HOURS getting yourself ready for your sissy-gasm. Once you’re ready – there’s time for a quick selfie to put on twitter telling everyone about your plans for the night and then it’s down to business.

You can rub your limp sissy dick through your cute panties until you fill them – just like a real girl. That’s the ONLY way you get to cum now sissy!

Cruel Girlfriend

Cruel Girlfriend – Jun 19, 2017

Cruel Girlfriend Posted on Mon, June 19, 2017 18:06:10

You Bend

Maddie Parker
18/06/2017 – 8 minutes

This is your life now loser – trapped in the bowl. Have you seen where you are – look around if you can. You’re in the toilet. Not any toilet but the main bathroom at the dreamhouse. Your life as you knew it is over – no more work, wife, vacations, nights out with your buddies – all that is over now. From now on this is your life! You’re a toilet slave and your entire survival depends upon taking care of everything me and the unobtainably hot cruel girlfriends send your way.

Our spit, our piss, our shit our used condoms. You’ll eat and drink everything we throw down into your new home or you’ll end up like all the other human toilet slaves before you! Oh poor, pathetic loser – you have no idea what’s in store for you do you? A life of total misery! It gives me such a thrill knowing you’re suffering the ultimate degradation down there while we have such an amazing life just a few steps away.

You’ll be used by all the hot girls that live and work here and you’ll be used by our boyfriends too! We may even get a whole bunch of guys to crowd around you and piss down all over your helpless face. That would be so funny to watch! You’re going to stay down there while we have parties, and you’ll wait for the door to open and a stranger to come in and use you as a pathetic human toilet.

There’s no hope of escape for you – no prospect of being rescued or set free – this is how I want you to live so you’re going to stay down in that toilet for the rest of your life.

Cruel Girlfriend

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