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Dirty Dommes – Sep 25, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Mon, September 25, 2017 17:24:47

Dirty dog training

7 mins 34 secs

Doggy has to pee! And now he is scratching the antique door! This will not amuse it’s owner! Mistress Fetish Liza takes her pup in to the garden for his release but he will have to control his bladder a bit longer as punishment for his bad behaviour.

His owner makes him excercise and this dirty could use it! He must drink her spit and when he finally takes a leak against a tree, he must sniff his own piss…after all that is what do. Only then he can beg and beg for the treats.

Tags: outdoors, boots, human dog, humiliation, gloves

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Sep 21, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Thu, September 21, 2017 17:37:33

Ballbusted by sexy Dommes

11 mins 37 secs

His balls will be as blue as his latex outfit! Lady Estelle and I kick, slap and punch his nuts until his ballsack is huge! He doesn’t stand a chance, tied to the seat and with his legs spread wide. His balls are our target and we love to hurt them!

Tags: ballbusting, CBT, high heels, latex, blonde, big boobs, double domination, bondage, stockings

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Sep 17, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Sun, September 17, 2017 12:22:40

Triple strap-on assault part 2

8 mins 47 secs

Stretched and fucked! That is the purpose of our anal slut! And his butthole will get filled up by our strap-on cocks as we take turns and use this male sub for our kinky fun.

Tags: anal, strap-on, blonde, big boobs, latex, gloves, stockings, high heels

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Sep 14, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Thu, September 14, 2017 16:44:06

Cruel scratching challenge

10 mins 14 secs

I simply love scratching my slave with my long nails or my metal cat claw! It will be a challenge for him to keep upright, take the pain and remember to fulfill the task I give him. Every scratch will bring this masochist in to a deeper trance, it is amazing to see how he has the will to suffer even more for my pleasure.

Once his body has been SCRATCHED by my cruel claws everywhere, I ask him a question…

Tags: boots, leather, scratching, gloves

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Sep 09, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 12:53:55

Sounding by latex nurses

13 mins 25 secs

Therapy is needed for this slave! His cock is ready to be pumped until it is hard, his urethra will be stretched with our metal sounds! He will behave as the medical tool slides down his peehole and his balls get massaged. He knows this treatment is good for him.

Tags: ebony, double domination, high heels, pantyhose, latex, gloves, sounding

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Sep 07, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Thu, September 07, 2017 17:52:38

Bound and spitroasted

12 mins 09 secs

Head locked, arms locked and his ass pressed backwards. Mistress Rebekka Raynor and Fetish Liza put their slave in the stockade for better strap-on training. This male slut needs to open wide and suck cock like a pro whilst his bumhole gets filled with another cock.

These leather dommes will show him the way

Tags: strap-on, anal, spitroast, dungeon, double domination, boots, leather, gloves, bondage

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Sep 01, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Fri, September 01, 2017 18:36:44

Feminising the fuck doll part 2

11 mins 22 secs

Tina has created the rubber doll she wants. Obedient, in chastity, ready for big anal toys and a mouth she can use for her pleasure. He is her slave and fuckdoll in training.

Tags: medical, gloves, stocking, high heels, chastity, anal, toy, masturbation

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Aug 28, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:29:36

Cum covered bi slut part 2

7 mins 43 secs

What a good little slut! And such a dirty cocksucker, ha ha. Look at him swallow a real man’s dick! Once I am happy with his blowjob skills, he gets to lay on his back and gets a nice spunk shower over him!

Tags: enforced bi, high heels, latex, handjob, blowjob, cumshot

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Aug 24, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Thu, August 24, 2017 18:28:27

Spiky chastity tease

11 mins 37 secs

My rubberised slave has been firmly locked in chastity underneath her full latex outfit. I have been particularly cruel this time as the device has spikes inside so each time his cock tries to get harder they dig into his flesh.

With such torment on the cards, I just have to tease him with my gloved hands and sexy body. I know he will struggle as he loves me in latex. This is gong to be a painful denial session for him.

Tags: latex, bondage, dungeon, chastity, tease/denial, gloves, high heels, stockings

Dirty Dommes

Dirty Dommes – Aug 20, 2017

Dirty Dommes Posted on Sun, August 20, 2017 14:38:44

Boot trampled slave part 2

11 mins 39 secs

Crushed and trampled like a bug, our boot slave feels the stiletto heels on his skin. He knows his place is under our boots and praises himself lucky to be our human carpet.

Tags: boot domination, boot fetish, double domination, mature, trampling, leather, boots

Dirty Dommes

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