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HumiliationPOV – Sep 30, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sat, September 30, 2017 15:39:32

Loser Humiliated By Giggly Asian Sock Brats

September 29th, 2017 –
Category: Foot Domination

Princess Lucy and Princess Amai

Look at this lucky loser. He gets to worship the socks of two hot, young Asian brats! They both put their knee high socks on his nose and make him sniff their dirty socks before smothering him and cutting off his oxygen, lol! And their socks are really stinky! They taunt and humiliate him with their bratty voices and sexy feet.

They make him kiss their socks and lick the sweat off of them. He breathes in their scent and becomes intox!cated by their smelly feet. This loser loves being underneath their socks even though he must sniff and lick their dirty socks.

In this clip there’s lots of foot worship, sock smelling, verbal humiliation and Tons of giggles! Wouldn’t you love to be this loser underneath the feet of two hot bratty Asian Princesses?

Write to us and beg us to be in our next video!


HumiliationPOV – Sep 24, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sun, September 24, 2017 12:18:57

Jerk Off To How Pathetic You Really Are, As I Verbally Tear You Apart

September 23rd, 2017 –
Category: Jerk Off Instruction

Princess Candy Glitter

You just love touching yourself. You love playing with that pathetic cock of yours. It’s the only thing that truly brings you pleasure. You can’t stop, you can’t stop pumping yourself while being degraded by hot girls. It’s an endless cycle. And this is it for you. You offer nothing to this world, you’re just a dead end jerkoff. Nothing more than a jerkaholic, touching yourself over and over. It’s the only thing that you’re good at.

Your life is going no where. You spend all of your time jerking off to women who fucking hate you. Loser. You are the definition of a loser. Always lusting after women who would never touch you. Your life is so pathetic. But I love laughing at it, at you. You’re obsessed with hot, bratty girls, you beat your cock to them day after day. You are pathetic, trapped in an endless cycle of jerking and being humiliated and cumming and then repeating this process every day of your life.

You have no value. You’re a little jerk puppet. Your brain just turns to mush every time you jerk, you get so stupid. I know you’ve had the thought that one day you’ll stop obsessively jerking your dick and actually do something with your life but I am here to remind you that will never happen. This is your fucking life loser. Pumping your cock and being degraded by hot girls who hate you. This is what your life has amounted to.

For most men their jerkoff habits don’t define them, but that’s not true for you. Because you are a fucking jerkoff loser, a pathetic jerkaholic whose life has no other meaning. I know you’re pumping so fast right now because it turns you on to hear how pathetic you are. It turns you on to jerk off to the truth. This isn’t a fucking fantasy, you really are a loser. Jerkoff, your life is going nowhere. Jerkoff while you think about the fact that your life is worthless. You are a dead end jerkoff loser. Pump that worthless dick. Things will never change for you. This is who you are. Accept the fact that this is a cycle that will never end.

You will always come back for more. This is it for you. Your life has no other meaning. If you had anything better to do, do you think you’d really be here watching this? Do you really think you’d be so hard right now if what I am saying weren’t true? You are fucking worthless! You’re a pathetic jerkaholic. Really.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 22, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Fri, September 22, 2017 17:17:54

Mindless Foot And Heel Zombie, Jerk And Let Your Mind Go Blank

September 22nd, 2017 –
Category: Foot Domination

Miss Tiffany

You already know that every time you see me showing off my heels, you’re fucked. Just like that, you become my little foot zombie, addicted to my sexy heels and my perfect little feet. You can’t get enough of them. It’s so pathetic. And yet there you are, with your cock in your hand, jerking off to my feet. You’re jerking off to my sexy heels, something you’ve seen countless times, yet you’re such a little fucking zombie for them, your mind goes completely blank, and you just can’t stop mindlessly jerking. And when you get horny you feel this need to pay them again and again.

It’s so fucking easy getting into your mind with my sexy heels. I know how much my sexy pumps turn you on. You’re so weak for my feet, a mindless fucking zombie. You want to worship them so bad. You can’t look away. The thought of being in between my the sole of my foot and my high heel is too much for you. I know just the thought made your dick twitch. I control you with my feet so easily. And every time you see them you get weaker and weaker. I want you to beg me how to take my heels off because I know just how badly you want to see my bare feet. How badly you want to be underneath them. So beg like the needy little foot bitch that you are. Good boy.

My feet are just so fucking perfect. They own you. Being underneath my feet occupies your thoughts more than it should. My feet are flawless, that’s why you can’t help yourself. Get down your knees and worship my feet you little zombie. You’re so fixated on my feet and my toes, they completely own you. I know you’re getting weaker and weaker. That’s what happens to horny foot losers. You’re nothing but a mindless zombie for my feet, so eager to be under my feet.

My feet are the best thing to ever have happened to you. You need them. You crave them. My feet will remain imprinted on your mind, forever. It’s impossible to erase such perfection.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 21, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Thu, September 21, 2017 17:47:43

Push Your Limits, Feel The Rush, Playing It Safe Is So Boring

September 21st, 2017 –
Category: femdom pov

Goddess Paige

You always come back to me because I give you what you what you need. You thought you knew what you needed. But I know better. You need the thrill of being pushed past your limits. You made your boundaries clear, built out of fear and hesitation. I know how much you cling to them. But I also know how much you love when I push those limits. It’s not fun playing it safe because then you always know what to expect. How fucking boring. And you don’t want boring, you want the rush.

You want the thrill of seeing just how far you will go. You want to see just how far I will take you. You want the rush of not being in control. When you play it safe you’re only denying yourself, and you don’t want that. You want the rush of seeing what happens when you push yourself beyond your limits. You want to dance on the edge of ecstasy and ruination, not knowing whether pleasure or destruction awaits you. Isn’t that exciting?

Just thinking about it makes you cock throb. You ache for this. The thrill of danger. You know that I could destroy you. And yet you follow, mindlessly, helplessly, happily. Because you need that rush. You love the power I have over you, that’s the exciting part. Will I bring you pleasure or will I take away everything that you’ve known? That’s the fun, that’s the rush. Pushing your limits and showing you that you are capable of doing so much more.

You want to sacrifice everything for me. You want to be helplessly devoted, my obsessed little loser and I’m here to show you the way. I’m here to show you true pleasure, a pleasure that comes by not playing it safe, by taking a risk. Seeing just what will happen when I push your boundaries. Will I destroy you and all of your carefully preconceived ideas about yourself?

I will tear down everything that you are and build something better in its place. I will give you something so much better than you ever imagined. That’s the thrill pet. Dangerous excitement. Are you ready to find out just how far you will go? I will push every single one of your limits.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 19, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Tue, September 19, 2017 17:05:11

Pay For My Dates Loser, That’s The Closest You’ll Ever Get To Dating Me

September 18th, 2017 –
Category: Cuckold

This is part 3 of Princess Nikki Next’s Date Cuckold Series.

Be My Date Cuckold, I Know It Makes Your Cock Throbg

Cuckold To A Young Brat And Her Boyfriend

So you still think you can date me, huh? I think it’s so funny that you still think you could stand a chance with me after all the times I’ve already rejected you. Look at how hot I am and then take a good look in the mirror. You’re a fucking loser who has nothing to offer a hot young girl like me. The only thing you could ever off me is your cash. Your money is always welcome but you’re never going to be with me. Ever.

But if you want, you can let real men take me out and you can pay for our meals. That way it will feel like you’re dating me as you’re paying for my dates. You just don’t have to be there. Then I can go home and get fucked by a real man while you sit at home and jerk thinking about what it would be like to fuck me. Or maybe you’re jerking thinking about another man fucking me. I don’t really care just as long as your my wallet cuck.

You will never have my young sexy body loser. I only want a real man and that is not you. So you can pay for my dates and that will be as close as you will ever get to dating me. It’s so funny that you still think you can. You’re a fucking loser with a little dick. Why would I ever want to touch you? I would never consider a guy like you, you pathetic little loser.

And I especially would never want a guy who obsesses over hot girls online and gets addicted to them and spends all his money on them. Why would I want a loser like that? A real man wouldn’t do that, a real man would go and get the girl he wants. But you’re a fucking loser who hides behind his computer screen. And that is why you will be paying for my dates so I can have those real men.

I think next I’m going to make a video of me and a real man so you can see how a real man acts and how a real man fucks me and how you’ll never measure up. Now go pay for my date you fucking loser.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 18, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Mon, September 18, 2017 17:13:40

My Ass And Cute Giggles Make You A Horny Cock Craving Mess

September 17th, 2017 –
Category: Forced Bi

Princess Kara

Don’t I look so cute in my little outfit? My perfect body in this perfect little outfit makes you so weak. And when you’re weak I can get you to do whatever I want. And today I’m going to get you to do something you’ve always wanted to do. It’s so pathetic when you try to deny it. So just accept it. I’ll help ease you into it. I want you to suck a cock for me. LOL. It’s ok, I know you want to and I’m going to give you some encouragement.

You want to look at a hot brat while you suck cock. You want to see and hear me giggle at you. I know it’s all you think about. So get a nice big dildo that you can suck for me and I’m going to teach you how. I know you wanna be a good boy for your Princess. And I wanna see you suck it. I wanna see how deep you can take it down your throat. I think you’ll be really good at it. And I’ll give you plenty of encouragement by teasing you with my hot young body that I know you can’t resist.

I want you to look at my perky young ass as you suck that I cock. I want to condition you so your brain doesn’t know what to think about. So it doesn’t know what turns you on more, me or my cock. I want your head spinning. You’re just a horny mess, sucking cock and staring at me. You poor confused bi fuck! You need a beautiful princess to tell you it’s ok and tease you with her sexy body to get you nice and turned on so that you will crave to suck that cock.

Deep throat that cock as you stare at me and listen to my cute voice. You’re such a good cocksucker for me. I can’t stop laughing and giggling at you. It’s so much fun for me to watch you degrade yourself for me. I love the power my hot young body has over your mind. You’re so willing to do anything I ask, just so I’ll pay attention to you. All you can think about is my ass and big cock. You need my ass to get you to that place where you become so willing to suck cock for me.

You need to be so excited that you just want to shove it so deep down your throat. And I’m the only thing that gets you that hot.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 17, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sun, September 17, 2017 12:37:40

Milk Your Prostate To A Touchless Orgasm In Chastity

September 16th, 2017 –
Category: anal masturbation

Princess Lacey

Listen bitch, I want that pathetic cock of yours to be locked up in chastity. But I do have some good news for you as you sit there locked up staring at my perfection. I know you want to cum and the good news is that you have my permission to cum. And the only way you’re going to cum with a locked up dick, is by milking your prostate, hard and fast, until your little locked up dick squirts and leaks. Won’t that be intense? And you’ll have me to thank for it.

So get a prostate massager or a dildo and shove it in your ass. And it you don’t have anything else, use your fingers. I’ll teach you how to use them to massage your prostate. Milk it while you stare and worship my perfection. Milk it while you wish so badly that you could touch your cock. But it’s locked up in it’s cage like a good fucking bitch. Now stare at my ass while you fuck yours.

You’re going to milk it hard until you fucking blow. You always fucking jerk to cum, this will teach you a brand new way to experience a mind blowing orgasm. Stare and milk bitch. It feels so good. You love being locked up and milking your prostate for me. I know you’re fucking your ass, trying desperately to cum.

You’re going to cum locked up, without touching your dick at all. Tell me how much you love it. You’re going to milk it until your pathetic locked up cock squirts out it’s pathetic little load, until it dribbles out the head of your cock. Are you ready to squirt through that cage with something up your ass? Are you ready for an intense fucking orgasm?

Milk it harder as I coax you into an incredible orgasm. Then thank me, bitch!


HumiliationPOV – Sep 13, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Wed, September 13, 2017 17:42:56

My Denied Tiny Dick Crossdressing Sissy Faggot Cuckold

September 13th, 2017 –
Category: Panty Boy

Mandy Flores

I have all sorts of plans for you in your new life as my sissy bitch! You will serve me, my girlfriends, and my lover. Just get used to being my teased and denied bitch. I’m going to give you nothing in return for all the services that you do for me. Are you peeking up my skirt at my pussy? Get a good look because you’ll never be good enough to touch it or taste it, much less fuck it. Not a chance in the world! Because your dick is so fucking tiny! I’d never let it near my perfect pussy.

You are so pathetic. You don’t need pussy because you are one. And what do pussies need? Cock! Pussies want cock! Just look at my pussy. Isn’t it beautiful? I can get you to do almost anything with it. But you will never get near it. But you like being denied by my pussy. I know you’re jerking your little dick to it. What a fucking waste you are! You need to be locked up in chastity. That’s where sissies belong. You know it’s true loser. If you want to be my sissy and serve me then your cock will be locked and I will decide if and when you cum. You will suffer for me.

So do you want me to lock up your tiny, useless dick? Say it! Good bitch. Now wait here as I go change into another one of the outfits that you bought me. I look so fucking sexy and all you’ll ever get to do is stare and drool with your little dick all locked up. It’s so funny that you want to be my denied sissy. So I bought you a new wig and maid outfit so you can properly serve me. You need to feel completely degraded and humiliated.

And look what else I’ve got, a Huge fucking strapon! You’re going to be sucking it, LOL! And you’re going to flip up your dress to get rammed in the ass with it. I know you want that because you are my bitch, LOL! Just look at my cock. It’s so big and meaty. This is what a real cock looks like. Compare it your little thing. This is the size of my lover’s cock. I crave his dick an so will you. Soon you’re going to need a cock in your ass and your mouth! You’re a fucking whore.

I love that you keep my closet stocked with new sexy outfits. I’m going to put another one on for my lover. I love that you buy me the outfits that I fuck other men in. And in return, I’ll buy you some slutty outfits for you to get fucked in the ass in. This is your new life. I will be in total control of you. Tell me how much you want to be my live in cuckold sissy. With that tiny dick it’s the only sex life you could hope for. It’s a privilege you have to earn, watching my man fuck me.

We’re both going to laugh at you and your tiny locked up dick as you’re dressed like a girl. And if you’re a good bitch, after I get fucked, I’ll squat over your face and squeeze my lover’s cum in your mouth. Or you can clean his cock after he’s fucked me. That’s the only way you’ll ever taste my pussy. You’re my bitch now. You’re completely worthless.

Soon I’m going to have you sucking cock for me to earn money. And you will suck and fuck and give me all the money. So you better learn to love cum. This is the only life for you.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 11, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Mon, September 11, 2017 17:17:41

Sweet Then Cruel Bikini Tease And Denial, Fuck You Loser

September 11th, 2017
Category: Tease and Denial

Princess Mika

You can’t help it. You can’t help but want to stroke, especially when you see me in my sexy bikini. Just look at my curves, my long legs, my sexy ass. It’s only natural for a loser like you to want to stroke to me. Even real men would want to stroke to this, so you don’t stand a chance. So go ahead, start stroking loser.

And I’m going to tease you while you jerk because I know how much you love obsessing over my perfect bikini body. Just stare and jerk loser. Get lost in my amazing curves as you get lost in your jerk trance. You fucking love this. I’m sure you’re getting so worked up. I know you love sitting there all alone just being able to freely jerk to me.

But you don’t deserve this do you? You don’t deserve to jerk to my perfect body. You’re completely fucking deluded if you think I’m just going to tease you and let you jerk to me. Fuck you! You don’t deserve that. But I’ll bet you got even more turned on the minute I started being mean to you. I know you love jerking to my body but you like it even more when I look you in the eyes and give you a piece of my mind, when I put you in your place. You’re not going to cum, you don’t deserve to fucking cum.

Fuck you! You’re going to sit there and jerk and make it feel so fucking good and in the end you’re not going to get that release. You’re going to be so frustrated. I’m going to give you blue balls. Now stroke to my middle finger loser! This is what you deserve. Isn’t it better jerking now that you know you’re going to be completely fucking denied? I fucking love teasing and denying you. I love being mean to losers like you.

I’m going to tease you some more so that the denial will be so much more cruel. You love this treatment, don’t you loser? You know that you deserve this. You’re a fucking loser and you deserve to be fucked with, you deserve to be denied. Fuck you loser.


HumiliationPOV – Sep 10, 2017

HumiliationPOV Posted on Sun, September 10, 2017 16:17:57

I Don’t Date Guys Who Suck Cock, Ex Boyfriend Humiliation

September 9th, 2017 –
Category: Forced Bi

Goddess Alexa

It’s been so long since we last saw each other. I know things ended kinda bad. We were fighting all the time because I didn’t want to have sex with you because I found gay porn on your computer. And well I just didn’t understand why you didn’t want to fuck me. But I think I get it now. And I’m really sorry for fighting with you, that was really dumb.

So I wanted to make it up to you, I want to let you between my legs where you’ve been wanting to be for so long. But you have to promise me that if I let you in between my legs again, then you have to be the best boyfriend ever and give me everything I want. I know you want me to be your girlfriend again. But things are going to have to be my way from now on.

I’m so glad you agree, so close your eyes and wait until I have you in between my legs. Ok open your eyes. LOL! What you expected my pussy to be there? LOL! After I found all of that gay porn you really thought I was going to let you touch my pussy? LOL! Fuck you! You’re going to fucking suck my dick bitch! Put your mouth right on this cock. I know you know how. You watch all of that gay porn. You probably sucked on my dildos when I was gone. You’re such a disgusting pervert!

I knew when we started dating that you weren’t all that manly. But I never knew that you needed a big fucking dick. But now I do so I’m going to treat you like the cock sucking faggot that you are! So suck my big fucking cock! Look at you taking my big nine inch cock. Now I’m going to fuck your mouth! Take it you dumb stupid fucking whore. This is why I wouldn’t fuck you, because you were too obsessed with cock. And now I have what you fucking want! You fucking love it, you love my cock.

You don’t deserve me. You’re going to be my fucking bitch but you’re never going to be my boyfriend. I don’t date guys who suck dick. I hope you enjoyed me as your girlfriend while you could because that’s not going to happen any more. I’m going to get a real man and you’re going to be my fucking little bitch, my little cuck. I’ll do whatever I want with you, you’ll never leave me, you love me.


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