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Miami Mean Girls – May 21, 2017

Miami Mean Girls Posted on Sun, May 21, 2017 11:43:06

Chastity Beatings Forever

So I told this new loser house slave we got at Mean Girl Manor that he could get let out of chastity if he takes a nice, full caning session Princess Carmela style. But if he DARES to ask me to stop before its over, then he has to stay in chastity for another month- or until the next time I decide to beat him. (but probably sometime next month.)

It’s so funny because I have already done this to him a few times. So he has been locked in that for like 3 months now I think?) And I make it a point to NEVER tell him how long the beating is going to go on, so he has NO idea when I’m going to stop.

But what he doesn’t know is that I will NEVER stop beating him until he begs for mercy! Haha! Hes so stupid that each time I break him and whisper in his ear that if he had just taken it a liiiittle bit longer for me that I would have given him a release, he actually believes it! HAHAHA.

I wonder how far I can push him each month? After all, he will just get more and more desperate to cum as the months go on- and then the beatings will get more & more entertaining for ME!

I’m having so much fun with this little game that I dont think I will EVER let him out.

-Princess Carmela

Miami Mean Girls

Miami Mean Girls – Feb 01, 2017

Miami Mean Girls Posted on Wed, February 01, 2017 18:26:46

Make Him Cry For $1000 (1080 HD)

During this clip I am going to beat this slave and I have a customer that paid me to really hurt him badly as a custom video request. I will get up to $1000 bonus depending on how badly I hurt him. I go through 3 different whips and really make him cry like a broken pain slave, haha!

Watch me in a hot latex dress whipping him and laughing about it, especially when I know it was a really good shot, LOL! He knows $1000 is on the line for me so agreed to sit there and be nothing but a degraded whipping boy for a video!

I am sure that turned him on in the beginning but he left a shredded piece of meat, LOL!

-Princess Bella

Miami Mean Girls

Miami Mean Girls – Jan 17, 2017

Miami Mean Girls Posted on Tue, January 17, 2017 12:07:41

Karate Princess 2 (720 HD)

So I have this slave worshipper that has been requesting these karate clips- and I actually SHOOT them for him because he pays what I demand of him! (Take a note, all you slaves that say do this! just cuz i wanna see it! and then I ignore your request LOL.) Anyway, I print out all these karate pictures he sent to me and talk about how I would do them to you. And how much I would LOVE to hurt you like the picture shows. (And I really WOULD btw lol.)

Then for each one I also call in the house slave to demo the moves on him in like slo-mo. (Hey, this was the custom viewers request!) So just FYI to all of you- these moves are all done in like slo-mo like when you were play fighting with your brother when you were a . Or as if it were a real self-defense video. So its not like a full-force beatdown or anything. Just warning you!

But I DO talk about the beatdown in this clip- a lot. And about how much fun it would be for me to kick your ass LOL. There is even a special one that is brutally graphic that I talk about- but its not shown in the preview pictures. And just for the record, if any of you want to come here and pay me a lot of $$$ to kick your ass for real, I will be happy to! LOL

*(Not all the pics are shown in the preview image! There were like 7 or 8 of these different “attack moves” that I demonstrated.)

-Princess Beverly

Miami Mean Girls

Miami Mean Girls – Jan 08, 2017

Miami Mean Girls Posted on Sun, January 08, 2017 14:25:50

Lessons In Ballbusting (1080 HD)

I taught my new friends Tia and Ariana how to ballbust today. So I got us all to wear sexy bikinis to tease this slave before handcuffing him and putting him in a leg spreader.

Check out my black shoes with the spikes on the top because they feel so nice on his balls, haha! It’s like making mashed potatoes with human balls, LOL! There is something extra fun about watching new bikini girls ballbust for the first time because their giggles and taunts are so precious.

I just love how they laugh at the slave… especially when he tries to go down.

-Princess Beverly

Miami Mean Girls

Miami Mean Girls – Jan 02, 2017

Miami Mean Girls Posted on Mon, January 02, 2017 13:52:46

Let’s See What He Can Take (1080HD)

We honestly feel that slaves deserve nothing more than to be beaten. That is like their purpose in life- to be objects for hot girls like us to abuse and beat on as much as we want. So Bella and I want to abuse this one- just cuz we feel like it.

And cz we’re hot- so we deserve to do whatever the fuck we want to losers like this. After all, it is what they were put on this EARTH for, right? But we want to have some extra fun while we beat on it and make it even a little more interesting.

I basically want to see which one of us can break him first. If I win I get Bellas shoe slave for an entire week- to degrade and use as much as I want. And if she wins, she gets my footslave to use as much as she wants for a week! This should be fun…

This poor slave…he knows the whips are coming and there is nothing he can do about it as we handcuff him to the furniture…he knows he needs to suffer for our amusement as much as we want now…

-Princess Beverly

Miami Mean Girls