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Sado-Ladies – Jul 23, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Sun, July 23, 2017 14:18:30

There Is No Escape

July 21, 2017 – Published in Whipping & Caning

Tagged under: Blackdiamoond | Caning | Whipping | Mistress Akella | Blond Hair | Classic Femdom | Black Hair |

We are today in the slave farm of cruel mistresses. its hidden outside in a secret area in Germany. by accident a cage of one slave of this farm was open and he is a lil bit surprised that he is free.

He thinks its a good idea to be helpful and he releases 2 other slaves from their cave. next they run to the big entrance and try to escape. but they cannot. the entrance is too high and they get more and more frustrated. and they will be much more frustrated as two overseers of the slave farm appears: Mistresses Black Diamoond and Akella.

Both are armed with whips as usual and as they find the three slaves trying to escape their painful snake whips go rapidly into action. they whip the poor 3 slaves from all sides and even dont care about where the end of the whips rain down on. these slaves really have to be punished severely and they will teach them a lesson they wont forget!

At least the poor slaves get a more further punishment by riding crops in the cellar before they are caged in. and this time they will stay in the dark cellar for days by bread and water!


Sado-Ladies – Jul 17, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Mon, July 17, 2017 19:40:26

You Are My Ashytray

July 16, 2017 – Published in Human Ashtrays

Tagged under: Blackdiamoond | High Heels | Smoking | Nipple Play | Humiliation | Human Ashtray | Classic Femdom | Leggings |

New clip with adorable German pro dom Black Diamoond. she relaxes on a black throne and orders her slave to offer her a cigarette.

Then he has to enlighten her. then he is misused as her human ashtray. watch that fire in Black Damoond’s view when she watches the slave eating her ash and you surely understand, why she is so popular, cuz she is a real sadistic bitch. she also teases him with her sexy legs her hot high heels, but all he gets is the ash of her cigarette. hmm… but what about torturing his nipples a lil bit with the hot tip of the cigarette? for bitch black Diamoond it’s a good idea obviously…


Sado-Ladies – Jul 14, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Fri, July 14, 2017 19:38:27

A Merciless Whipping By Miss Wood

July 14, 2017 – Published in Whipping & Caning

Tagged under: Caning | Whipping | Classic Femdom | Mistress Jessica | Leggings | Black Hair |

Here we have the next clip with very popular goddess Miss Jessica from united kingdom. it starts with her announcing that she will dish out today a very harsh whipping with her favourite of her – a devilish looking single tail leather whip with a thin end that stings like hell for sure.

And to give this a prove we hear the moaning of our slave starting from the first lash. soon some vicious looking red welts spring all around the back of the slave and he gasps out in pain. our slave is usually capable to take hard punishment, but this whip brings him to the limit. but our sadist isn’t through with him today.

He is ordered to turn around and then Miss Jessica applies more harsh and merciless strokes on his breast. this really brings our slave to loud cries. even for us is this a very hard punishment clip.


Sado-Ladies – Jul 07, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Fri, July 07, 2017 18:17:18

Outdoor Bootworship

July 7, 2017 – Published in Boots & High Heels

Tagged under: Empress Victoria | Boots | Bootlicker | High Heels | Leather | Blond Hair | Classic Femdom |

Today we have the next clip starring elegant and arrogant blonde Mistress Empress Victoria. we shot this in the garden and her butler slave is on a leash and is brought into the garden by his Goddess.

There she sits down on a cool garden chair and her butler is ordered to lick her long leather boots. Empress Victoria watches the poor butler if he perform well… and he better should cuz as we all know this mistress, any lack of effort will be punished severely…

Note: this was one of the first clips we made with a new camera, so we had some difficulties with it. this clip looks a lil bit dreamy, but otherwise it looks somehow special and the content is so great, that we decided to publish it…


Sado-Ladies – Jul 03, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Mon, July 03, 2017 18:43:32

The Whipping Contest

July 2, 2017 – Published in Whipping & Caning

Tagged under: Caning | Whipping | Hot Dress | Blond Hair | Classic Femdom | Lady Stella |

Here we have another fantastic clip with German pro dom Lady Stella! she is dressed in shiny pvc and is just in the mood to dish out some punishments today for her slaves.

As we have 2 slaves here in this clip she has several possibilities to enjoy herself… so the 1st slave is order to bend over the throne and she starts with a flogger. both slaves gets a lot of strokes on their bottoms, before its time for the riding crop to increase the pain…

Next a very painful short whip gets in action and the asses of the slaves get redder and redder…when the big rubber paddle is through both slaves already received 150 STROKES EACH!!!! but still she isn’t satisfied, so its time for the cane at least! in the end both slaves have to thank their mistresses for being so nice to punish her by kissing her boots!

Class A Femdom punishment clip with our superhot new mistress!


Sado-Ladies – Jun 28, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Wed, June 28, 2017 19:36:07

Police Officers Trampling 2 Slaves

June 28, 2017 – Published in Female Domination

Tagged under: Boots | Double Domination | Trampling | Blond Hair | Classic Femdom | Black Hair |

Today we have a new trampling clip for you. usually we dont do so much trampling, but sometimes we do. police officers countess Stella and mistress nemesis are called to come to a mansion.

As they get in they are a lil bit surprised that there are 2 slaves lying behind the door on the floor. but they dont hesitate to misuse them for getting their shoes and boots cleaned with the bodies of the slaves. they both stand on their backs griding their high heels into their bodies.

They also trample on their hands. both slaves are moaning soon under the weight of the officers. next mistress nemesis taking of her shoes and trample the slaves with her nyloned feet. both ladies have already forgotton why they were called to the mansion. they just enjoy themselves and their treatment of the poor victims on the ground.


Sado-Ladies – Jun 19, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Mon, June 19, 2017 18:33:41

Lick My Overknee Boots

June 18, 2017 – Published in Boots & High Heels

Tagged under: Boots | Bootlicker | Leather | Stockings | Mistress Athena | Blond Hair |

Here we have Goddess Athena today dressed in a wonderful fetish waredrobe with black leather heels. she comes into the dungeon, where the slave is already tied to a pillory. she loves to play a lil bit so she releases him down on all fours ordering to worship her high heeled leather boots from the sole to the end all over.

With her sharp voice she says to him: “if you look under my skirt i will ram my heel right through your ear i swear…” oh well, our slave is warned and licks the boots with everything he has dare not to look up…


Sado-Ladies – Jun 18, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Sun, June 18, 2017 12:21:56

Gallery: Mistress Medina and Lady Olga

June 14, 2017 – Published in Femdom Gallery

Tagged under: High Heels | Whipping | Double Domination | Hot Dress | Classic Femdom |

In collaboration with our friends of Femdomfoto we have a little special for you just today! enjoy this bonus photo series of the two beauties Mistress Medina and Lady Olga wearing sexy black outfits and high heels.

Check them out, playing with their whips while they are waiting for their next victim.


Sado-Ladies – Jun 16, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Fri, June 16, 2017 19:05:50

A Hard Belting

June 14, 2017 – Published in Female Domination

Tagged under: Corset | Leather | Belting | Mistress Ezada | Black Hair |

Super-sadistic Lady Mistress Ezada is in a punishment mode today. and when this mistress is in punishment mode this usually means a suffering from hell for every slave.

Dressed in leather she unties her girdle. it is a heavy and thick belt and from the first stroke she brings it down on the backside of her slave with full force. the slave is tied to a punishment bench so moving away from the strokes of his punisher is impossible.

Although he is already well marked Ezada isn’t satisfied with it and mark him more and more with the belt. he also gets the belt on his shoulders and his back and Ezada makes him sing in the end – he sings the melody of pure pain. and this slave can usually take a lot of punishment, so when he cries, the punishment is indeed very very hard.


Sado-Ladies – Jun 09, 2017

Sado-Ladies Posted on Fri, June 09, 2017 18:51:25

A Merciless Whipping

June 9, 2017 – Published in Whipping & Caning

Tagged under: High Heels | Whipping | Lady Chanel | Leggings | Black Hair |

Time for a next clip with beautiful German Mistress Lady Chanel. she is dressed in tight shiny brown leggings, a black skirt, leather gloves and high heels. holding a vicious cat o nine tails in her cruel hands she awaits her new slave for a further test.

She fixes him with arms raised in the air so his already well decorated body is presented to her whip. then she starts to whip him from all over. no part of his body is spared. she whips his back, his rear, hiss ass and even his breast. more and more welts spring off and the mistress beats him harder and harder.

He asks for mercy but of course he dont get mercy here. he just get pain, pain and more pain. Lady Chanel even starts to sweat from this whipping… superhot whipping clip!


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