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Suburban Sensations – Apr 04, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Tue, April 04, 2017 18:42:44

Jessica’s First Ballbusting Clip

Jessica could not wait to actually bust a guy on film. She has four pairs of shoes to try.

First a pair of stilettos, then a pair of shoes to match her dress, a pair of dancers shoes and her favorite pair of boots. She is very accurate with each and she is surprisingly assertive. Jessica holds her target steady and raises her smooth sexy nylon covered leg up so it is cocked and ready to spring.

Then she launches her foot toward his crotch with a nice solid impact. You can see that she is planning something as she really thinks about which pair the best to bust his with.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Apr 03, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Mon, April 03, 2017 18:42:07

Jessica Gives A Hard Ballbusting Full

After her first short clip, Jessica wanted to do more. She picked her most comfortable pair of shoes and wanted to go at it. This time she desired to bust him when he is nude so she can nail his little bare balls good! A little bit of ballbusting seduction and she gets her wish and his balls are hers.

The way she lifts her legs so perfectly when she kicks is so sexy! She has chosen to uses her favorite pair of black boots to give her the most impact to his balls. Even so, she does not neglect the use of her favorite knee kick.

She drives her knee hard into his manhood many times and he maintains his erection! This is a real turn on for him and you can tell that Jessica is really enjoying her first opportunity to bust bare balls.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Apr 02, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Sun, April 02, 2017 12:37:22

Jessica First Time Barefoot Ballbusting Full

Jessica really enjoyed using her boots to bust in her last clip, but this time she really wants to use her bare feet to dominate her subject. Her first task for him is to make him kiss the feet that will be used to bust his balls. After this he has to remove his clothes so Jessica can feel his manhood being kicked by her bare feet.

She can feel his balls being crushed by each barefoot kick. His growing cock shows his love of the pain so she has him hold it up so she can slam her foot and knee into his balls. On the floor she taunts him with slapping kicks to his balls.

When she is done she grabs onto his balls and brings him to his feet by them. She is definitely in control with her bare foot ballbusting.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Apr 01, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Sat, April 01, 2017 14:24:06

Jessica Stripper Shoes Ballbusting Full

Every girl has to have at least one fun pair of shoes. Jessica has a pair of shoes with at least a two in platform and that alone can make things very interesting. Jessica already has a very accurate front kick. Now she will use that platform like a hammer to cause a lot of pain. This will cause a lot of ball bruising pain for sure!

And if that is not enough she uses them to crush his balls while he placing them on a crushing block. She does this twice, alternating between destructive kicks and flattening crushing. Jessica even works in some extremely intense testicle twisting squeezes. This is probably her most painful clip yet!

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Mar 31, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Fri, March 31, 2017 18:26:10

Jessica’s First Barefoot Ball Crushing Full

Jessica saw our crushing box and was very interested in having a set of balls in our box to crush. First she demands that his trapped manhood get hard so she can crush it. She places her sexy feet on his swollen sack and he immediately gets excited. His cock and balls get crushed by her feet and toes.

It is so sexy to see her flatten his most precious parts under her little feet. His balls compress under the pressure as she is in complete control of his manhood. The amount of pressure, pain and his ability to keep his balls in tact are determined by Jessica now. This is awesome and you can tell that Jessica is true ballbuster.

The best part is this may just be the beginning.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Mar 30, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Thu, March 30, 2017 18:52:10

Jessica Extreme Barefoot Ball Crushing Full

Jessica just finished her first ball crushing. She was very happy with how it went but she immediately wanted to do it again! This time she is going to be even tougher on his precious manhood.

She grabs on to his sack and feels his swollen and deformed testicles. Looking over at him she says “These are not crushed enough. I have more work to do on you!” With that she stomps down extremely hard on his balls.

You can see them swell from the crushing and deform under the pressure of her foot coming down on them. She even stands on them with all her weight on his cock and balls. The pressure causes him to more in and out of a daze of pain.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Mar 29, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Wed, March 29, 2017 18:10:27

Don’t Ask or Jessica Will Bust Your Balls Full

Ever wondered what you would do if you met a really hot ballbuster in person? Even better – have you ever wondered what they would say or do to you? Now I must be truthful, it will vary from woman to woman. In this case we wanted to see what would happen if a guy asked, very persistently, if he could go out with her.

It is so hot to see her say no and giggle as she blasts knees and kicks into his balls. He begs her to stop but she very innocently tells him that she won’t until he stops asking. There is some great dialog in this and Jessica keeps him coming back for more.

She promises him more attention if he offers her his bare balls. We will have to see how that goes.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Mar 19, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Sun, March 19, 2017 10:24:23

Extreme Ballbusting With Jessica Full

If you saw the first part, Jessica showed how she likes to handle the guys that kept asking for a date. If you answer with a hard ballbusting, you have no idea.

This clip is defiantly the hardest we have seen her kick, and one of the hardest kicking clips we have filmed. Jessica directs him with a sweet, soft but firm voice. Of course she is always grinning and giggling at his the pain he experiences.

Her blue shoes will case him some extremely bruised blue balls now! Jessica’s kicks land with a loud thud against his ball sack, and her knees land with a loud crack as the contents of his sack nearly get split in two. Jessica is so cute and so intense as she keeps wanting more!

This clip has a few slow motion segments that are quite nice.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Mar 18, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Sat, March 18, 2017 11:14:58

Blue Sneakers Crush the Cock and Balls Full

First we got to see what Jessica likes to do when annoying guys ask her out on a date.

Then we got to see how persistence will get your bare balls busted by this young and awesome, yet very brutal ballbuster. Now, as promised, we will see her squish this set of balls. The cock and balls are trapped as she places all her weight on the precious manhood.

Jessica puts her sneaker on his semi erect cock numerous times and crushes it with all her weight. As she takes the weight off you can see the cock pulse with excitement as the flows back in to it. Jessica compresses his already swollen balls under her shoes as she places all of her weight on the precious nut meat.

It is awesome to see such a cute and young ballbuster as she fully controls the future of these balls with her sneakers.

Suburban Sensations

Suburban Sensations – Mar 17, 2017

Suburban Sensations Posted on Fri, March 17, 2017 17:52:06

Jessica Superball Kicking Practice Full

Jessica wants to try a new technique. Her field goal kick to the back side of the sack may be the most painful kick yet. The back sides of a man’s testicles are the most sensitive parts of the male anatomy. Fully nude, she can see the dangling targets hanging nicely between the legs and expertly target them with her white gym shoes.

Her kicks are more than hard enough to cause extreme pain and even damage, especially when she wants to practice kicking this delicate area over and over again. Being so cute in her jeans and jersey, it is great to see her be genuinely amused by each kick.

It is even better to see her in just a bra as she delivers hot, hard painful kicks!

Suburban Sensations

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