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Sweet Femdom – Sep 10, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sun, September 10, 2017 16:19:56

Cute Ballerina Breaks His Balls

Added: 09-08-2017
– Length: 4 Mins:07 Secs

A very sexy and tall ballerina goes to town on a guys nuts in her leotard. She kicks, knees, and even kicks him on the ground with his legs spread open. She’s bashful at first, but gets into it, talking about castrating him.

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Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Sep 09, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sat, September 09, 2017 13:30:36

Veruca James is Your Daddy

Added: 09-04-2017
– Length: 8 Mins:25 Secs

Veruca James is wearing a nylon bodysuit, heels and a big strap on cock. She has plans for you tonight. You are going to let her fuck your ass.

As she seduced you with her body, you start to call her Daddy and give her your slutty ass.

“Daddy just wants to make you feel good…”

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Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Sep 09, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Fri, September 08, 2017 16:26:45

Final Emasculation Pegging with Amadahy

Added: 09-04-2017
– Length: 9 Mins:36 Secs

Amadahy just drained the fuck out Lance’s balls by teasing him relentlessly while keeping him plugged into her milking machine. The next phase of his emasculation treatment involves her fucking his ass with her strap-on.

She does this to make sure every drop of cum is extracted from his balls before she removes them. Fucking men in the ass normally gets one last load from them. Also, she just loves fucking men in the ass and calling them her sissy whore.

She has lance moaning with her big vibrating strap-on deep in his ass. Amadahy really knows how to work her cock. She whispers in his ear about how she’s going to take his balls soon as she gives him the sweet dick.

Amadahy has him flip over and orders him to stroke his cock one final time. “Be a good slut for Daddy” she says, “This is the last orgasm you’ll ever have [smile].”

She pounds his ass and commands him to keep stroking. “Your balls are mine. They’ll look so nice in my jar. I’m pushing out the very last drops of cum from them right now” she casually tells him as she fucks his ass.

As he blows a huge load all over his own pantyhose she reminds him that’s the last one he’ll ever have, then squeezes his balls. “Now it’s my turn! I wanna cum!” Amadahy keeps fucking his ass and then looks him in the eye while she holds his balls. “Now ask me to please take your balls.”

He begs him to take them while she squeezes and pokes his nuts.

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Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Sep 01, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Fri, September 01, 2017 18:50:00

Hot Wife Locks Up Your Dick

Added: 08-31-2017
– Length: 7 Mins:31 Secs

Your super hot wife, Lily Lane, is sick hearing about you creeping on her hot friends. One of them told her about chastity, and she’s very happy to tell you that your are going to spend the rest of your life with your dick locked in a steel chastity cage.

She shows you the cage, and her keys, and then her perfect ass in her tight yoga pants. Now that your dick will be locked up, she’s actually going to encourage her hot friends to help make you horny. Why not? It’s not like you can ever actually use your dick again…

She’s even going to start fucking other guys in front of you. “You’re going to watch, then you’re going to slurp their cum out of my pussy…”

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Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Aug 28, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Mon, August 28, 2017 18:37:28

Strap On Compilation 37

Added: 08-28-2017
– Length: 54 Mins:30 Secs

This is another high value compilation made of recent strap-on scenes from our production so far. You get the full version of each clip!

The following scenes are included:

Veruca James Gets a Hooker Part 1

Chichi Fucks Her Slave

Janice Griffith VS God Part 2

Models Tagged: Chichi Medina, Veruca James, Janice Griffith

Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Aug 27, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sun, August 27, 2017 15:19:49

Surrender Your Balls to Lily Lane

Added: 08-26-2017
– Length: 14 Mins:10 Secs

[this is “Lick My Boots – Lily Lane” and “Time to Lose Your Balls – Lily Lane” as one continuous story for a discount]

Lily is wearing a blue lacey one-piece with black pantyhose and super high heeled patent leather boots.

She wants you to imagine that you are with her, licking her boots.

She teases you with her long heals…

“This shiny boots are ready to crush your balls…”

Lily wants to make you suffer while you worship her boots. Maybe she’ll let you cum on them and lick it up, it your balls can still cum…

Later on, Lily is dressed up for something extra special. She’s wearing a white shear thong bodysuit with white fishnets and bright red high heels.

“You know what I’ve decided? I’m going to cut your balls off.”

“Maybe I’ll take my time… make it REALLY HURT.” [smile]

She teases you with her perfect body, and loves that you are dripping pre-cum while she tells you all the terrible ways you are about to lose your manhood forever to her.

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Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Aug 26, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sat, August 26, 2017 15:09:32

Strap On Compilation 36

Added: 08-26-2017
– Length: 52 Mins:11 Secs

This is another high value compilation made of recent strap-on scenes from our production so far. You get the full version of each clip!

The following scenes are included:

Arm Wrestling for Anal FULL

Haunted by Amadahy Part 2

Mona Saves an Angel Part 1

Miss Santa Saves Christmas

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Alexis Rain, Mona Wales, Amadahy, Charlotte Sartre

Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Aug 21, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Mon, August 21, 2017 17:34:27

Teased and Locked Up by Veruca James

Added: 08-18-2017
– Length: 8 Mins:55 Secs

Veruca just seduced Lance into her hotel room and busted his balls. He still thinks he’s getting laid even after she almost broke his balls. Now she has him naked in bed with a raging hard cock. She’s wearing pantyhose and a sheer bodysuit. She lubed up his cock with Gun Oil and is using a Doxy Magic Wand on her pussy. She teases his cock, barely stroking it and makes him scissor with her like a girl.

As she gets closer to making herself cum, she pulls him in closer, rubbing the strong vibrator on his prostate, making him ooze pre-cum while she teases his lubed up dick. She licks the pre-cum from his fingers and makes him lick it too. Veruca makes him choke her while she cums again from the vibrator.

At this point Lance is about to explode. She’s had him on edge for minutes while she came over and over. She squeezes his balls and uses the strong vibrator on his cock and prostate.

“I know you wanna cum so bad…”

She shoves her nylon covered foot in his mouth and makes him suck on while she edges him more.

Then she stops. She pulls out a cold metal chastity cage and starts to put it on his cock. He’s going to be blue balled for as long as she wants. This is how she gets her slaves…

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Veruca James

Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Aug 16, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Wed, August 16, 2017 19:03:56

Busted and Teased by Lily Lane

Added: 08-16-2017
– Length: 13 Mins:45 Secs

[this is “Yoga Pants Ballbusting Lily Lane” and “Brutal Chasity Tease Lily Lane” as one continuous scene for a discount]

Lily Lane is in the kitchen looking hot as fuck in some Gymshark leggings and a tank top. When her boyfriend walks in, she knees him in the nuts.

“I’m going to keep breaking your balls until you let me lock you up in chastity [smile]”

Lance really doesn’t want to get locked up in chastity while she goes out and fucks other dudes, but she’s pretty clear that she’s just going to keep kicking, kneeing and crushing his nuts under her feet until he agrees…

She even gives him incentive and puts his hands on her huge perfect tits in between the abuse until he finally agrees to let her lock up his dick.

Now that Lily convinced her boyfriend to lock up his cock in chastity (by kicking and kneeing his balls in) she wants to have some fun with him. She teases him relentlessly with her tits, ass and feet. She makes him lick her stinky bare feet, worship her big perfect tits, buries his face in her crotch and then gets excited and crushes him with a scissor hold while his face is in her ass. She loves this new dynamic of their relationship.

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Lily Lane

Sweet Femdom

Sweet Femdom – Aug 13, 2017

Sweet Femdom Posted on Sun, August 13, 2017 14:11:43

Tangent Gets a Hooker FULL

Added: 08-13-2017
– Length: 19 Mins:00 Secs

Goddess Tangent has had a long day of doing Femdom stuff. She gets back her hotel, still in a sheer bodysuit. She needs rest, but first, she needs some ass, on her terms…. She needs a hooker.

She finds Lance Hart’s ad on Rent Men and calls him over. He shows up and she asks if he will rub her feet. Of course he will. She paid his rate.

Lance rubs and licks and sucks her perfect feet until she is content. Then she lets him know she needs to fuck his ass…

Goddess Tangent has a pink strap on dick on. She slides it into Lance’s ass and fucks his brains out. She fucks him like a whore, because he is one. He moans and calls her Daddy.

She makes him ride her cock and finally he loses it and cums all over himself. “Now lick it up for Daddy…. and get out of here.”

Models Tagged: Lance Hart, Goddess Tangent

Sweet Femdom

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